Knex Multi Pistol





Introduction: Knex Multi Pistol

Quite a big pistol with a hammer like thingy on it lol. but it looks good.

Step 1: Handle

How to make the handle.

Step 2: Barrel

How to make the barrel.

Step 3: Under Barrel

The bit under the barrel

Step 4: Trigger


Step 5: Handle Thing


Step 6: Firing Pin

how to make the firing pin.

Step 7: Extra Bullet Holder

Build it if you want it

Step 8: Rubber Bands

Add the bands



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    10 Discussions

    why is there such a big space in the barrel the firing pin just goes over top how could i fix it???

    I would rather use elastics than bend knex. You should really fix that bend in the gun, or just remove it since its useless.

    4 replies

    Its the hammer thing, i think ists used for bashing if you get angry or an extended tapper.

    my rifle thing can be used as a battering ram. and a sword. and various other things other than shooting, which it can also do. it uses katarukito's firing mech and is nearly indestructible except for the barrel.