Knex Multi Pistol





Introduction: Knex Multi Pistol

Quite a big pistol with a hammer like thingy on it lol. but it looks good.

Step 1: Handle

How to make the handle.

Step 2: Barrel

How to make the barrel.

Step 3: Under Barrel

The bit under the barrel

Step 4: Trigger


Step 5: Handle Thing


Step 6: Firing Pin

how to make the firing pin.

Step 7: Extra Bullet Holder

Build it if you want it

Step 8: Rubber Bands

Add the bands



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    why is there such a big space in the barrel the firing pin just goes over top how could i fix it???

    I would rather use elastics than bend knex. You should really fix that bend in the gun, or just remove it since its useless.

    Its the hammer thing, i think ists used for bashing if you get angry or an extended tapper.

    my rifle thing can be used as a battering ram. and a sword. and various other things other than shooting, which it can also do. it uses katarukito's firing mech and is nearly indestructible except for the barrel.

    And every other rifle can do that.

    not necessarily-my barrel's only not indestructible caus ei was too lazy to fill it in all the way.

    I may try and make a rifle version

    Awesome new trigger idea! I love it!!!!!!! 4.5*

    The elastic-less trigger is a nice concept. Keep up the good work.