Knex Musket





Introduction: Knex Musket

This is a strong and easy to make knex muzzle-loaded musket.

This is my first instructabe, so please go easy on the comments...


Step 1: Pieces

This is what you will need

Step 2: Barrel

follow this picture to make the barrel

Step 3: Handle and Trigger

again follow the piture

Step 4: Put Together

the tittle explains this step

Step 5: Extra Peice

add this small peice in where the trigger meets the barrel

add a tight rubberband around the peice and where the barrel is

Step 6: Bolt

again again follow the picture

addd duct tape

Step 7: Stock

do i even have to say it...

Step 8: Putting It All Together

attach the stock and the bolt

Step 9: Rubber Bands

put a small band in the trigger another wher i said earlier and i put three bands on the bolt all the  way down the length of the barrel.

Step 10: Loading and Fireing

take one of the blue rods off of the barrel then put it in the barreland shove it down with  long grey rod.

you can attach the gre rod on the bottom of the barrel inbetween the two white peicesresting on the greay end peice and have the other side attached on the barrel wit a moveable joint peice like seen in the intro 

Step 11: Extra

look down the stock in between the two blue connectors and line it up with the v connector like cross hairs.



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    it was a little hard to make a realilistic looking musket with a flintlock that fires...

    but it mainly loads like a musket beacause its muzzle loaded and u have to ram it down...

    I've made a muzzle loading musket with the little thingy on the side that makes the spark (doesn't really make a spark with knex of course :P ) so the mech all goes with a chain reaction, its lag time is similar to the real thing.
    If you want i can make it again and tell you when i post it, it that ok?

    oh, its pretty good, even though it doesn't look it.

    1/20 id give it a 10/20 if it could fire 100 ft :)

    seriously though, who would want a square barrelled, muzzle loading thing that looks like... a skeletal thing that is just about ready to destroy itself.

    looks ok