this is my oddammo gun i made its got a slide and a true trigger
its pretty good i got like 50ft with 2 rubberbands well i hope u like and will build so 


Step 1: Body

body is purdy easy  ur gonna wanna make 2 of these

Step 2: Added Stuff

 make these

Step 3: Put It On


Step 4: Throw Other Layer On

 just do it

Step 5: Mag

 just build it

Step 6: Slide

 just..you know

Step 7: Ram


Step 8: Throw It All On

whats oodamo?<br /> <br />
OMG! lol, you know now, right?
that was when my first gun was a tiny block trigger of course i know what it is now LOL XD ROFL LMAO :)))) =D (im turning into randomguy)
LMAO.... That's funny.
i know *gets hit by some pink lightning bolt that came from my sisters ears and turns serious* (joke)
lmao, that was stupid XD
I just randomly bumped into that and i was like WHAT?!<br><br>(The comment above)
<br>LOL, that comment was crazy!!!
NO YOU IZ NOT! IF YOU IZ THEN YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME TO randomguy65#2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
could anyone post any trigger mods for this gun? <br>because i dont have any hinges and its really annoying trying to find subsitutes for the hinges. <br>:(
instead of the hinge try a green connector
it's okay, i found a sub<br>the ball joints and i had to mod the trigger a little but it was fine
YAY! Oddammo!
Nothing new, except for that kind of slide. However, with that slide on, the top of the barrel must surely be unstable.<br />
In all honesty, there isn't anything new about this gun except the crude slide attached to the top. Sorry, but I'm being as honest as I&nbsp;can with my experience here and on other sites.<br />
Not to rain more on his already drowned parade but what's even new about the slide?<br />
&nbsp;WOW.................................................. um thanks for being honest i guess
&nbsp;ITS POSTED!!! ill build it.
don't worry i'll try and build it with your trigger.
&nbsp;lol god. need a pic of my trigg? here is one:
eez okay. i already looked at it and built the gun.
&nbsp;i used my own sorry :(
&nbsp;sorry i thought it would be better if i had my own
agreed! will both build! *slaps the monitor for a high five but realizes no one is there*
&nbsp;k and make sure to put tape on the ram the better the tape the more rubberbands you can have :)
help medic do you need that special yellow piece<br />
&nbsp;sir r you okay nono you don't need it
no im not my fingers hurt from making guns but thanks<br />
Meh I&nbsp;don't care for it much. It's rather generic. The slide doesn't look to pretty blending into the rest of the gun. I probably would have stuck with one of the oodammo pistols we already had. It's becoming too big of a fad now. I'm sure it works great though.<br />
&nbsp;thanks for being honest and its pretty nice to have
What is that gun in the background.
&nbsp;oh its my power gun, basically its like odda's it not a rectangle, only better cause instead of stoping the ram early, mine slows it down after it hits the bullet but it has more of a follow threw if you know wht i mean
Oh, cool.
&nbsp;ru building the pistol<br /> <br />
Yeah, in progress now....<br /> <br /> I've done the third step and will probably finish tomorrow. I'm tired.
&nbsp;k just make sure to put tape on the ram
Sorry, ?.
&nbsp;Where did you get a gold half moon? I want one!
&nbsp;idk i was just lucky i guess, r u builing
&nbsp;No, not yet &nbsp;Ima to lazy
thank you for posting. 5*, faved, and subscribed.

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