Knex Oddammo Pistol With Slide





Introduction: Knex Oddammo Pistol With Slide

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 this is my oddammo gun i made its got a slide and a true trigger
its pretty good i got like 50ft with 2 rubberbands well i hope u like and will build so 


Step 1: Body

body is purdy easy  ur gonna wanna make 2 of these

Step 2: Added Stuff

 make these

Step 3: Put It On


Step 4: Throw Other Layer On

 just do it

Step 5: Mag

 just build it

Step 6: Slide know

Step 7: Ram


Step 8: Throw It All On




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    OMG! lol, you know now, right?

    that was when my first gun was a tiny block trigger of course i know what it is now LOL XD ROFL LMAO :)))) =D (im turning into randomguy)

    LMAO.... That's funny.

    i know *gets hit by some pink lightning bolt that came from my sisters ears and turns serious* (joke)

    lmao, that was stupid XD

    I just randomly bumped into that and i was like WHAT?!

    (The comment above)

    LOL, that comment was crazy!!!

    NO YOU IZ NOT! IF YOU IZ THEN YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME TO randomguy65#2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    could anyone post any trigger mods for this gun?
    because i dont have any hinges and its really annoying trying to find subsitutes for the hinges.

    2 replies

    instead of the hinge try a green connector

    it's okay, i found a sub
    the ball joints and i had to mod the trigger a little but it was fine

    Nothing new, except for that kind of slide. However, with that slide on, the top of the barrel must surely be unstable.

    In all honesty, there isn't anything new about this gun except the crude slide attached to the top. Sorry, but I'm being as honest as I can with my experience here and on other sites.

    2 replies

    Not to rain more on his already drowned parade but what's even new about the slide?