this is my first oddammo pistol i will post if people want me too and please rate and subscribe 
i got 55ft with 2 rubberbands the slide is pretty stong 
what is oddammo D:<br />
<p>i thought it was the way the ammo was placed D:</p>
a type of ammo made by oodalumps<br>it is a red connector with a white rod
Cool, thanks.
it is very aerodynamic<br>
I just made A really good one out of dutchwarlords pistol shud I post?<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH7Z8_eBT90
Ok maybe tomorrow
Great gun!!!&nbsp; 5* <br /> i wish i can build it but i cant cos i need more pieces. I hav used my other pieces on my V8 engine but i am getting more pieces soon (hopefully)<br /> I have ordered it on ebay today.&nbsp; Anyway it is a great gun
nice<br />
man thats is awesome
&nbsp;thanks budd did you rate
here are the people that want <strong>YOU</strong> to <strong>POST</strong>: <br /> <br /> me<br /> coolbas3<br /> mettaurlover<br /> 182515<br /> knex_builder_freak<br /> kNexFreek<br /> Raikou-san
&nbsp;dude i already posted it
<p>%*<br /> look at your keyboard</p>
&nbsp;LOL did you get the idea from my desperado??? (the gun part)
&nbsp;no sorry lol
i'll kill ya with my finga if you don't post this!
&nbsp;hey message me on my ob when your done i need to tlk to you
How would he get this from the Desperado?
This is knexfreak95's oodammo gun and knexfreak95's desperado with a mag mod. look closely at the body. ignore the trigger guard on the modded desperado.
&nbsp;wow never looked atem side by side
&nbsp;lol p.s your the one that got me into pistols lol thanks budd
&nbsp;LLLOOOLL i didnt know that!!! your welcome i guess :D !!! XD
&nbsp;hey do you like this gun
pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase <strong>POST POST POST&nbsp;POST POST&nbsp;POST&nbsp;POST&nbsp;POST</strong>
&nbsp;we'll see you have to persuade tho
okay,&nbsp;but just think of how much people would spread the word about your gun. you would be famous on instructables. BTW i rated 5*, but i would give it 10*.
&nbsp;i probly wouldn't be famous :( and would would spread the word anyway
well, your gun would be famous, because of the great slide action idea for a oodammo gun. Plus a lot of people really do want you to post.
if u can find 5 people who want me to post i'll definatly post
there are already more than 5 people who want you to post
Post it or I will hunt you down, remove your intestines, and choke you to death with them. That persuasive enough?<br />
&nbsp;your gettin there lol
I&nbsp;WILL REMOVE&nbsp;YOUR&nbsp;ARMS AND BEAT&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;WITH&nbsp;THEM.<br />
&nbsp;LOL u like it alot huh
Not so much that as thinking that it will get you to post other stuff properly.<br />
For example, this is simple enough to build from the pictures. Some of your other stuff, however, is not.<br />
<em>THEN</em> remove your intestines and choke you to death with them. Unless oyu post this as a proper 'ible.<br />
Looks nice. I&nbsp;like it.<br />
&nbsp;should i post
thanks for the sub.
&nbsp;COOOOOL!! nice job!
thanks wuld you build if i post

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