Knex Off Road S.U.V


Introduction: Knex Off Road S.U.V

About: ((())) my name is Terry, and i love cars. it seems like very few people build knex cars anymore which sucks lol. but i still build knex cars and im gonna build some of the coolest ones around until i intere...

finally, the wait is over!! this is my knex S.U.V that i created. it has 2 doors that open up, a hood that opens up, and a liftgate that opens up too. it has a full rubber band suspension all the way around. it has a twin turbo V8 (model engine) producing 700hp, and a radiator. it has a rollcage also, and it also has headlights, and mirrors.

pros: it has a pretty sturdy suspension
           really sturdy roof
           big interior
           great offroad capability
           powerful engine
           good crash test
           lots of suspension travel
           strong roll cage

cons: its pretty heavy
           it wears out rubber bands pretty fast
           rear liftgate isn't great
           no steering, or steering wheel
           doors dont open up far, kind of hard to close

overall, its a great truck. :D



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    What exactically are you try to show in pictures 13 and14?

    3 replies

    the turbochargers. i know they're not very detailed, lol but they're turbos

    Oh. Ok. I just couldn't figure out what they were.

    your back!! and with a great car looks really sturdy!

    1 reply

    yep!! finally, and yea it is strong. thanks! but im trying to figure out what to build next

    Wow! That is amazing! Best knex vehicle I've seen in a long time. Please post.

    1 reply

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing that is incredibly cool you need to post it

    1 reply