This is the knex oodammo removable clip for the oodammo assult pistol makes it easyer to load during a war. I did not come up with this clip i copied it from a video from youtube.

cons: holds 6 rounds

pros: faster reload

Step 1: Step 1

This is the frame work of the clip

Step 2: Step 2

This locks the frame work

Step 3: Step 3

put it together and you have the emptied clip

Step 4: Step 4

Simply add the ammo to clip as shown

Step 5: Step 5

this is the clip lock you can use blue tan or black y connecter

Step 6: HOW TO USE

In the slideshow i made i had a knex magnum with magnum ammo i use well i made a v2 and it hurts it puts 4 inch holes in paper and every time I shoot it at paper 3 shoots and the paper is split in half It's name is the 810 magnum comment me if you want a slide show or vid or instructions!!!
<p>post pls!</p>
why didnt you post the gun? why just the clip? noob
Noob. Because the gun isn't his, it is TheDunkis's oodassault pistol.
If you didn't made this, can you tell me&nbsp;who did?
TheDunkis<br />
he makes everything.<br />
i just made 2 new guns one is a rifle with removable mags and the other is my mpm which stands for Mini Pocket Mauser should i post????<br />
I forgot my account password and i did all the stuff and they will not give it to me this is f K.S.E so i am going to make another account for here but any ways i destroyed then (A BIG MISTAKE) but i did make a powerful revolver like youngcookieboy on youtube.<br /> i will get back to u shortly<br /> <br />
Where is the gun? I've got a perfectly good clip with no gun to load it with... : (<br />
The gun The Dunkis' Oodasault pistol.
<p>The dunkis made it its the oddassult pistol or something</p>
Why is it rated so low? It looks quite good
I made this EXACT one without this instructable! FREAKY!<br />
Awesome!!! ON sunday me n' my friend are gunna shoot each other, for the sake of my universe, go to this Best Knex weps ever
Didn't TD invent this?
He made the gun, this is a slightly different clip.
I gave credit to who made this i don't clam it
when I try to shoot the last shots, both of mine break off so the remaining bullets just fly everywhere on the floor. is there a way to prevent that?
When i made it i had the same problem so i used the smallets rubber band i could find and it worked because it created more force on the ammo to the very last shoot I hoped this helped
Dude there is already an ible for this
Srry if it hurt you this much thats sad I put this in the credits <strong>I DO NOT CLAIM THIS CLIP SOME ONE ON YOUTUBE MADE IT I COPIED AND POSTED IT ON HERE GOSH</strong><br/>
Yes, but Instructables isn't youtube. It is already posted HERE, and you didn't give them credit, you didn't mention TD.
Forgive me I never looked on here for the for the gun <strong>SRRY TD I GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR THE CLIP SRRY MY MISTAKE. But on the other hand i'm posting a hand held grenade laucher and it uses solekiller on youtube his true trigger pistol trigger and it works great</strong><br/>
already done you just aded sides to hold the amo in beter

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