Knex Oodammo Reverse Bow





Introduction: Knex Oodammo Reverse Bow guys, this is my first instructable hope you enjoy. Basically it is a reverse crossbow that is designed after viccie B's bow. It basically uses torsion and rubber bands to propel the projectile further than normal. Also it has a sturdy build, I am still working out a few malfunctions before I post it.



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    Not bad, but before you post you should make the trigger further back and make a bigger mag. But this isn't bad at all. Keep up the good work.

    posting version 2 it has flip up sights 13 round mag and a functioning saftey

    Ok that's good. Work on the trigger it will help with more power.

    Um I dont want to because this makes it more reliable. Its a better power/reliability ratio

    Well as long as you like it that is what's important. I'm just saying the further back the trigger is the more power it will give the gun.

    I know, its just my preferance, but when I post instructions feel free to change it

    You might want to make the mag a bit bigger. 3 or 4 shots is terrible.

    um Im posting version 2 it holds 13 rounds, has flip up sights and a saftey

    Not bad at all =D