Knex Pistol #1





Introduction: Knex Pistol #1

About: hey everybody, i will probably make mostly pistols cause i have 3 to show, but i do plan on makeing more, and if you find a good assult rifle that doesnt kill on the # of knex i need that would be great

this a new pistol that i made which has all these lovely features
-removable mag with lock
-a slide action for easy pull back
-alot of useful attachments you can build
-doesent have to be as big as shown
i thank the 2 members that helped me with thier designs, i forget your names sorry
i will post if people like it and a new gun based off of the gun blade uses in the first movie



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    99% Dutchwarlord and Ironman
    1% chacha2013

    Remember when people came up with their own designs?
    Pepperidge Farms remembers...

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    1: Ironman
    2: Dutchwarlord
    Am I right?

    the mag part is with a few small changes, but the side on mine from i think knexguy works better with it, and shoots better, sorry it really does

    your one of the guys i forgot about, really sorry

    It looks good, strong, comfy and reliable. Nice one!

    wow this looks pretty good for a slide action. i hope all your guns are like this. great job!