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Introduction: Knex Pistol

this is my awesome knex pistol. unfortunately i will not be posting an instructable on how to make it. it is really good and performs well. has a removable magazine as well!! cya until the next instructable :> ......



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this is sick but where is the indtsuction du yoi yo

this is just a copy of dutchwarlords.........

I know I just for got to add that when I did it

well at least you acknowledge you made a mistake, it's ok to do so, but please make sure you check before you publish an instructable, as this is what can happen, a blow up over something that didn't need to blow up.

Might want to give credit to dutchwarlord no sorry full credit because this is not your gun. Try making a gun that is actually your design
Sorry if this sounds harsh

have you done anything bad in your life

Yes sorry I got a little worked up there I tend to get a little harsh when somebody takes credit for someone else's stuff. If you have the peices to build that gun you can do many things of your own try building some smgs or other smaller builds to get the hang of it and then try your own. We cool bro?

haha, nice try trying to pass off a well known knex gun as yours, people like you deserve a medal for stupidity

Hey! be nice..... he's probally just a little kid

how was any of that undeserved? He takes something that is isn't his and declares it as his.