this is my knex pistol.it has a true trigger and a mag of 5 rods.

Step 1: Pieces

if you can't see the tan pieces and spacers there are 15 tan connecters and 4 blue and gray spacers. i also forgot 2 green connectors and a yellow rod

Step 2: Handle and Trigger


Step 3: Barrel

this shouldn't be too hard for expierenced builders

Step 4: Mag and Plunger

 if you like it, eat spaghetti in a taco.

Step 5: Assembly


Step 6: Banding

in the 3rd and 4th pic i used a broken band. you don't have to
 you rap the band around the trigger and the aroung the yellow connecter as shown

Step 7: Your Done!

you should have this.   
I like it
not bad
the handle looks comfortable
its not really comfortable. only because the handle is wide.
i guess so but i like it
"Meh" what?
its not bad... but not amazing...
It looks ugly

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