Picture of knex pistol
hey guys this is my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE! (yay) and its a knex (quite) realistic pistol (if u guys want me to post this just ask and ill try to make it as clear as possible)
pros and cons time

cool handle
realistic sights(iron)

weak bit where the handle connects to the barrel
single shot

Dr MonkeyMan5 months ago

Reminds me of a Glock.

Doesnt really look like a glock

Doc Penguin5 months ago

İ love the trigger mech.

hope u dont mind i used it on some of my instructables

cant figure out how to connect handle to barrel without breaking thy pcs.

nbasuperstar3511 months ago

Post it please

CJR21151 year ago
Post it please
alexf11 year ago
This gun looks awesome!
takn372 years ago
wicked awsome dude
Knex.X2 years ago
knexboy5863 years ago
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instruct393 years ago
i dont know why, but i really like this pistol... alot, it looks really nice and clean
make instructions for it :)
Yes. Please.
i'm going to use this as a little sidearm.
For anyone reading this, a slide and firing pin lock is the perfect addition to this gun.
Photo on 2011-04-08 at 13.51.jpg
is very basic i think i might be able to build it from the picture id give it 5
james44 years ago
so cool
bosniaguy4 years ago
good gun espically for a beginner
you need to think of a name possibly the Makarov.
nickpkcin4 years ago
Looks really nice! It looks kinda small, might make a good stealth weapon.
DJ Radio4 years ago
Not bad for a beginner. I like the handle. Just a tip, make the trigger block farther back for extra power, and put a bullet lock at the front.
I was just about to say that.
i like it 4*
~KGB~4 years ago
i like the looks alot!