this knex pistol is quite fun to make
but also to shoot. it won't kill anybody
but it will hurt a bit(you will see only one
rubberband on the ram, but i added two
so if you make this pistol, ad them!)

Step 1: The Handle

the crap you hold it with.

2 blue connectors
4 yellow rods

Step 2: The Trigger

the trigger???
yes, the trigger!!

1 red conn.
4 grey conn.
5 white rods

Step 3: The Barrel

i hope you are pro;
becouse otherwise this will
be fingertorture

10 grey conn.
5 red conn.
2 blue rods
1 yellow rod

Step 4: The Ram


1 yellow rod
1 beige conn.

Step 5: Assembly Part 1

here you put the trigger IN the handle.

first you make picture 1,
and then ad the rod on picture 2

Step 6: Assembly Part 2

connect the handle to the barrel.

follow the picture.

Step 7: Finishing With the Final Assembly

here you add the:
(pic.1) ram
(pic.2) rubber bands
SoO, basic
hey, before you say anything, try to make it. it has a range of about thirty feet!!
And did you measure that all by yourself? WoW, I'm impressed Nerd
dont be harsh, your first gun probly wasent any better..<br />
Sry for that reaction, i didn't post that comment?!<br /> Where does that come from?<br /> <br /> The &quot;SoO basic&quot; is mine but the nerd thing...<br />
... right... yes, of course...
what and how does it fire?
please look at other guns before posting anything.

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