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Introduction: Knex Pistol With Mag

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Yet another knex pistol! This one has a true trig and a mag. Works well with 3 #64s. I'm going to tell some pro's now.

average power (40-50)
awesome looks
true trig
jam free green rod mag (holds 6)

So it's basically a flawless knex pistol.
Shall we?

Step 1: Barrel and Chamber

This is the barrel and chamber. You should be able to build from only this pic.

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle. Build.

Step 3: Trigger

The trigger. Now read the note in the previous step!!

Step 4: The Mag

The mag.

Step 5: The Guts

This is the stuff that makes the gun work.

Step 6: Assembly

This is the assembly. And the trigger guard? That's self explanatory.

Step 7: Rubberband Attachment

Band attachment. 3 on the firing rod, and 1 on the trigger and mag pusher.

Step 8: Finished!

You are finished! Some stuff to do with this gun:
shoot your mom!
shoot your dad!
shoot yourself! (not recommended)



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    I made just the mag, so I don't know what the gun is like. I expanded the mag to fit blue rods, and put it on my tr8. works like a charm. Keep up the good work!

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    I might have made a mistake let me check bsck

    hahaha, does the author even go on instructables now? 7 years ago... anyways this is nice! Hope you carry on using instructables and make even cooler guns with knex...XD

    i agree with thecheater2000

    Dude this thing looks sick screw these people who don't like it

    it is to hard to make the trigger guard!
    plz make it

    This gun is pretty neat! Easy fix to prevent the mag jam: SImply twist the firing pin 1/8 turn and the pull back. The notch on the projectile will just slide on the exposed "rail on the firing pin and won't lock up! The only major flaw is that the trigger is awkward. Instead of your red 3-way connectors, use two green 4-way connectors and put the extension back on the fourth slot! i built this gun myself and I have to give credit to you -- great job!

    No offense, people always seem to have bad stuff to say about my guns. Including you.

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    I have built everything you posted and liked all of it, especially your WR5 and JDM-ASTR.

    sorry i dont try to be mean but almost no gun is flawless i do like the gun

    I mean flawless in the pistol compartment. Did you see the pros? Oh, and I can tell you haven't built it yet.

    ok ok you know what i have some time and i will build it but what is pistol compartment??????

    look at the pros and you'll see. what i mean is out of all the other pistols, this one is flawless.

    Don't you mean pistol department? ;)

    late reply but i wasnt talking to u

    oh my bad well i gave you 4 stars

    It's called constructive criticism. You pretty much say that you are willing take it when you sign up for instructables. Saying that you won't take any means you think everything you make is perfect.

    Very well said my friend.

    Hey TheDunkis is your real name Dunkin? Because i got a friend in school who i know has knex guns and his name is Dunkin.