Introduction: Knex Piston

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this piston can be made smaller or bigger, and does not need to have cardboard on it. i just put the cardboard on to make it look a little neater. this does require a small motor however you can probably make a hand wheel attachment.

Step 1: The Piston Mechanisim

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get two white connectors and two white rods. attach the white connectors to the rods like in picture 1. then get the motor. and attach the two white connectors to the side of the motor like in picture 3 with the white rods angled down. then get a yellow rod with 3 grey spacers and one blue spacer. then push it into the motor with the spacers on the left side as shown in picture 5.

Step 2: The Barrel.

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this is the piston barrel. follow the pictures please

Step 3: Putting Most Things Together.

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put every thing together following the pictures.

Step 4: The Frame.

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you can cut pieces of cardboard to size if you want and cover this piston.

you are done!


sandroknexmaster (author)2015-04-18


Is that the only thing you write?

You'd like me to write something else?

No thanks. it's just you have written that on all my instructables.

Yes, it's to show that I have seen your stuff :)

I know. Thanks for commenting and your support.

augustuss (author)AlexAndAmigos2016-06-15

cool! I didn't now how to make a piston!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlexAndAmigos (author)augustuss2016-06-15

Thanks for commenting and sorry I have not written too much, as this was my second Instructable. IIf you check out some of my others I will have written much more. oh, and please vote for me in the make it fly contest. thanks

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