I love my K'nex and have been on a planter kick lately, so i decided to try and combine the two. :)

Step 1: Green Onion Starters

just buy some green onions and place them in a glass of water. may take a week or two to get nice roots going.

Step 2: Plant Onions

I stuck two in this little plastic pot.

Step 3: Make K'nex Planter

this is the model turned upsidedown, so you can see how to build the base

Step 4: Walls

pretty basic stuff, just make sure to cap off the ends so the four corner rods don't slip out.

Step 5: Place Plant in K'nex Model and You're Done. :)

Nice.. I' ts look alike my knex flowers, but this is with a real flower ?Great
yeah I planted green onions in it. :)

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