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Introduction: Knex Plasma Pistol and Energysword

About: I enjoy creating.

good range for a gun that size
good combination
good for halo fans

energysword not that sturdy

Step 1: First the Energysword

-gray 16
-yellow 1
-blue 1
-red 4
-white 30
-black/green 25
-gray 50 ow
-snowflake 7
-red 8
-green 8
-blue 3d 4
-y connectors 4

Step 2: Pointy Thing on the Bottom

just follow the steps

make 2

Step 3: Part That Conects to the Pointy Thingy

make 2

Step 4: Handle

really awesome handle

Step 5: Blade

cool blades

Step 6: Let's Put It Together

time to bond

Step 7: I Hope You Enjoy Your Energysword


Step 8: Plasma Pistol

looks real
cons cool l
cool looken
-blue 3
-white 14
-black/green 21
-snowflake 1
-yellow 7
-green 27 wow
-y connectors 4
-tan 2
-shinny blue 1

Step 9: Handle and Trigger

follow the pictures and you'll be good
true trigger

Step 10: Barrel

not sure what to write :Jo

Step 11: The Part That Makes It Look Like a Plasma Pistol

the design :J)

Step 12: Time to Connect

putting it together

Step 13: Enjoy Your Plasma Pistol

please enjoy your halo weapons



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    oh then whats the point besides the look....

    I made the gun and it did not shoot. Soooo i modified it to be a rubberband gun that shoots and makes a cool noise, and holds ammo on the side. Reply to tell me what you think!

    knex and friends 038.JPGknex and friends 039.JPGknex and friends 040.JPG
    1 reply

    Its not a rubberband gun...

    yah i like the pistol i made it and its sweer but i dont really like the swords sry!!!!
    but both are cool so thanks for sharing

    I like the pistol and I like the sword. But I agree with DJ it's a bit too wide.

    I hate the plasma pistol in halo, it's the baddest pistol there is. But anyway your stuff looks good, your plasma pistol is better because you don't have to charge it

    1 reply

    the PP in ODST is helpful when i only have that and an automag against brutes, and it is somewhat helpful in halo 1

    Better than the plasma pistol in halo, you don't have to charge this one for a good shot

    Both look cool, the energy sword looks a bit too wide however.

    theyr pretty cool