This a small knex pistol that has a true trigger, magazine fed, looks good and is powerful (for its size)


powerful - 20-30ft
looks good
true trigger
small and compact
small piece count


only holds 3 rounds

Step 1: First and Second Layers

make the first and second layers (make it twice)

Step 2: Add the Insides and Second Layer

pic 1: add the inside parts
pic 2: add the second layer

Step 3: Make and Add the Trigger

pic 1: top view
pic 2 side view
pic 3 : add the trigger to the gun

Step 4: Ram, Magazine Pusher and Sights

pic 1: ram and magazine pusher (look at the note)
pic 2: add them to the gun

Step 5: Add the Bands and Loading

pic 1: where to put the bands
pic 2: put 3 green rods in here
pic 3: add magazine pusher

Step 6: Your Done!

thank you for building my knex pocket pistol. have much fun with it!
<p>u know u can follow ureself</p>
<p>nevermind. figured out u do</p>
<p>*step 2</p><p>lol</p>
<p>do u need the little blue connector piece in pic 2?</p>
you can fix the mag jamming by cutting off the top of the ram
Yeah true :)
<p>or you can use blue one slot connectors for ammo if you got any. then might hold less because they are a little taller, but then it's a tight squeeze for them to shoot out.</p>
<p>I made it, it has a few problems but i fixed them, overall, GREAT GUN! :)</p>
<p>i luv it</p>
Do you know any simple guns as well? I promised ill make a good one!<br>
Don't knex any more I am afraid. Search pocket pistols on this site :D
This is a pro gun man! I showed my friends at school, and now I'm the most popular!!!!
Thanks ;)
<p>dude, nice gun. this is my choice gun for concealed carrying.</p>
i built this like a year ago, the mag can hold 5 bullets <br>i extented it, but, the mag blocks the ram sometimes. <br>but a nice gun trough
Thanks =D
just wanna say great gun for modding, made a 13 bullet removable stock mag and made it fully automatic!!
Thanks! lol, how did you make it full auto?
you know, add a motor on, simple!!
nice, gotta picture? =D
soz camera's broken company says it'll be fixed in three months :(((
lol XD
that darn black piece on teh white con.. was hard t oget on
Lol yeah it was nearly impossible.
omg my finger is like cut with a saw....
pretty cool. i was looking for a small gun with mag and there it was <br />thanks man
No problem! glad you like it =D
( Removed by a piece of meat in a random stomach)
Lol XD
Not bad dude
Your gun was good ans easy to make, however the ram in the magazine often jammed and was too soft or too hard on the green rods. After a while of tinkering I came up with a solution: instead of the classic magazine rod I have made a contraption that attaches to my middle finger, this means that I can control when and how hard I want the pressure to be. This has stopped most of the jamming and it makes for a smoother and better action when shooting friends ;)
Sounds good! Glad you liked it! =D
I cant pull back the ram when the bullets are in. It gets stuck.
just pull harder and then it should work.
hahahah sick minded XD ;)
5* great gun better than flonines
Thanks, his is based off this.
I almost didn't build this because it looked almost exactly like his. Great gun
lol, thanks =D
your welcome :3
lol still a great gun
True... =D
see ya
Really good! enter in the pocket sized challenge!

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