Knex Pocket Pistol.

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Introduction: Knex Pocket Pistol.

This a small knex pistol that has a true trigger, magazine fed, looks good and is powerful (for its size)


powerful - 20-30ft
looks good
true trigger
small and compact
small piece count


only holds 3 rounds

Step 1: First and Second Layers

make the first and second layers (make it twice)

Step 2: Add the Insides and Second Layer

pic 1: add the inside parts
pic 2: add the second layer

Step 3: Make and Add the Trigger

pic 1: top view
pic 2 side view
pic 3 : add the trigger to the gun

Step 4: Ram, Magazine Pusher and Sights

pic 1: ram and magazine pusher (look at the note)
pic 2: add them to the gun

Step 5: Add the Bands and Loading

pic 1: where to put the bands
pic 2: put 3 green rods in here
pic 3: add magazine pusher

Step 6: Your Done!

thank you for building my knex pocket pistol. have much fun with it!



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    u know u can follow ureself

    nevermind. figured out u do

    do u need the little blue connector piece in pic 2?

    you can fix the mag jamming by cutting off the top of the ram

    Yeah true :)

    or you can use blue one slot connectors for ammo if you got any. then might hold less because they are a little taller, but then it's a tight squeeze for them to shoot out.

    I made it, it has a few problems but i fixed them, overall, GREAT GUN! :)