Picture of knex powerfull crossbow range: + 200ft
Photo 05-04-12 16 47 20.jpg
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Step 1: Knex crossbow: make the 2 arms

Look to the photo´s and make them

Step 2: Knex crossbow: Make the head portion

Look the photo´s and make it

Step 3: Knex crossbow: Finish it

You're almost done
Looks great! A well designed crossbow always makes me happy.
Doc Penguin5 months ago


5* absolutely perfect

i guess crossbows are the most powerfull guns....

poil871 year ago
how many rubber bands do i need?
wapenv (author)  poil871 year ago
i used 3
cool but may need slight changes to overall shape but good otherwise
kwibus242 years ago
nice but 200 ft? i think 150 ft
the best crossbow in the world
very good crossbow 5 stare all the way (can you help me with my crossbow.i need to get it more powerfull any idears heres a link its a pistal crossbow sort of thing).
wapenv (author)  elwoodknight2 years ago
i think it helps when you make the gun longer and a longer rubberband..
mr. 7072 years ago
THIS CROSSBOW ROCKS! i built it and it shoots very far, and is also very powerful. i definetily would rate this 5\5.
Dj-pon32 years ago
nice but I dont have that much can you make it smaller but fiers 150
i love you cross bow i am going to build it and I gave you 5 stars
wapenv (author)  daredevil4992 years ago
Nice! I like it too, the first time i shoot i can´t find him, because he shoot so far