Knex Predator Creature




Introduction: Knex Predator Creature

ok, so i was bored, so i just thought this off the top of my head. i probably wont make an instructable for it unless it gets a whole lot of feedback. but please enjoy :)



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    WOW I never saw this on your instructables list before.I wish I could build like you because you have all round talent . Well done on all of your instructables dude.can't wait for the Aston Martin to be finished,is it going to be the contest entry.

    wow thanks i appreciate it. i built that because i was bored. but im almost done with another project. its a pick up truck and its almost done. then ill build a porsche, then aston martin. sorry for the late reply though man. i've been slacking off lol

    lol okay :) sounds cool good luck but im building a floating car lol XD

    thanks. lol youre gonna make a floating car? like floating in water or floating in mid air?

    Well i was hoping to make it float on water like the top gear episode but it isnt really working too good though :/ :/

    aww that sucks. you should keep trying though. if you succeed, you will be one of the first to make knex float

    Very cool, I like it.

    ehhh thanks.. i was bored so i made something up :) you should see my next project! Aston martin one-77, major project