this is my new gun it´s pump action
(if you know a good name place a comment)

Step 1: Collect and Build

Step 2: The Gun


Step 3: The Stock

how many half moon connectors and green rods??
i don´t know
how far does it shot<br>
congrationlations <br> <br>how old are you now
15, you?
13 <br>
Where are you from? Im from the USA.
I live in the Netherlands (Europe) <br>
Thats cool, europe has many good knexers. Im one of the few good knexers that are from the USA. Just posted my S.M.U.
Just about all good Knexer are from the USA. Mepain, Dunkis, DJ, Ooda and loads more.
All I have to say is: Wow.
I didnt know that those good knexers were from the US.
I am too.
Cool. Im from pennsylvania.
ha, i'm from limburg
Where is that?
it's a province in the netherlands
Ehh, not too far away lol.
Far enough to not be able to walk there. Laughing at my own wit. Lol. Don't laugh at that, it's cheesy.
True lol. But if I really wanted to walk to Maine without stopping, I would be there in about 11-12 days I think.
Really? It would take me zero days to walk to Maine. There I go with the cheesy humor again. Lol.
Yea thats becasue you live there lol. It would take you about 15 days to get to Pennsylvania if you decided to walk here lol.
it would take me 15 days in a car
Thats a long time. You must be on the west coast.
yep lets hang out ill leave in 10 days lol jk
Not if I lived there. Lol.
i am a fairly good knexer and i am from the USA to
by good knexers they mean known knexers or knex legends... relatively, you suck. (i do too for that matter, and i have 6 really nice instructables all rated over 4*...) it's all relative.
Me too im in the usa
cool, I didnt know that.
o ya
If you look at my string bass you'll notice that a couple of legends have commented positively on it
Not bad, but it won't be too good in the power department, you won't be able to put too many bands on this.

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