this is a pump action gun with removable mag. it shoots blue rods. it has a 20 round mag, high fire rate and i think it looks nice.

Step 1: Parts Needed for the Gun

Step 2: Building the Gun

Step 3: The Mag

why 9 layers thick ??
Could maybe use a bit clearer instructions, and maybe a "how to fire properly" section, but the gun looks really great. I'm going to build it tonight :)
And why is this 9 pieces thick?!?
Really thick!
yes it is
This is epic 5* and a cookie =D
tanks! and yum =D
No problem =D I might get around to building this after my musket project =D
that is epic!
no prob =D
THIS. IS AMAZING! I love the pump mech, unique and new.
How many green rods and orange connectors does it use?
i realy don't know and i think there are to much to count

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