Ok here's a little gun i made out of knex. It's small and is good for making a few to play with friends. Also, it shoots pretty far and is easy to reload :)

Step 1: The Hopper and Shooting Platform

the gray connectors and blue rings are where the green "bullets" are kept. and the little black connector between the red rod and red connector is so the bullets don't fall through when you reload

Step 2: Locking Thing

this is to lock the firing piston after you pull back the pump

Step 3: Pump and Firing Piston


Step 4: Locking Thing + "launching Pad"

connect the end of the red rod on the locker to the yellow connector on the launchpad. then the orange connector to the side of the write connector

Step 5: + Pump and Piston

slide the pump on so it points tward the front, then the piston in over it
make sure the free-moving red connector on the locker is to the right of the rod on the piston

Step 6: Handle and Trigger

put a handle on. and a trigger by sliding a grey connecton onto the stub of the leftover red rod. then use another red rod to connect the grey and free-moving red connector. get 2 medium sized rubber bands, one thick and one thin.

Step 7: Rubber Bands

use the thin rubber band to pull the pump back into the starting position, and the think one to fire the piston.

and then you're all done! just fill the top with about 5 small green rods. put your thumb on the back of the first red rod (next to the trigger) and pull back on the pump and let go of it. then push the trigger down with your thumb and it shoots :D
say it with me... BLOCK TRIGGER =P <br/><br/>Just playing, but Im not gonna hate on it.<br/>
i am ok with you DJ
I like it
i made a mod so that the hopper could be larger u need 1 blue rod 2 orange connectors 2 blue spacers 3 dark grey connectors hook an orange connector on the blue rod. put 2 grey connectors a blue spacer grey connector blue spacer and then a orange connector. second pic is how to attatch dont care if its not a mod, trying to make a hopper to sit on top
I did something like that a very long time ago when I made a machine gun that used this hopper. Instead, I used light gray connectors instead of dark gray on the top of the hopper, then I attached a gray rod to them.
dude that is totally awesome
The first pump! 5 stars.
wow holy crap ur right look at the date!!!! 5stars!!
Doesn't work well at all but I like the idea and design. It's kooll
the design is great but it isn't very reliable. The mach just doesnt work when you pull the pump.
whoa! i shot mine 18 1/2 feet! that's farther than any gun i've built... that's sad because iv'e made the AST rifle, and it shot 6 feet...
You could probably increase the range of the AST rifle by changing the magazine to use smaller rounds. Also did you figure out the trigger and use a broccoli band?
yo, i made the ast and its good, except the firing pin sometimes blew up the magazine :)
sometimes? it exploded the mag EVERY shot, so i modded the magazine. it worked good but didn't fire far so i broke it.
faust ur gun was great but i cud not get the trigger right so i broke it down
yea sorry to say i dont really like the ast rifle
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EXTR2GCDFNEYVZCDZI/">knex assult rifle</a>yah i have an instructible on how to make yur ast rifle better<br/>
Try the semi-auto one.. It shoots farther and is the only real semi-auto knex gun on earth =P (at least to my knowledge)<br/>
my computer blocks it :(
what do you meen your comp bloks it
My &quot;<em><strong>mom</strong></em>&quot;... put internet blocks on the copmuter. Sometimes though i can't use something for o reason at all because the fifty thousand blocks glitch the computer and i can't even download games or install CD games........<br/>
Try using proxys
ahh... that was a while ago. I dont have blocks, but i also dont have administrater privelages. anyway to get around that? :/
<em>YES</em> I did that with my laptop, which is a 'homework' pc. All you gotta do is boot up in safe mode, by pressing f8 (a lot) when the computer starts up. then go just safe mode when it asks you what you want, then log on as the account called 'administrator' (this is not shown normally) then go to control panel---&gt; user accounts ---&gt; create a new account then call it whatever you want and give it admin privileges. then just restart in normal mode, and voila! you have an admin account! (assumed windows xp, no guarantees with Vista) Hope that helps! :)<br/>
I have a computer now.
oh im glad my mom didnt put blocks on the comnp
i built the frikin SL9 and modded it to hell and it shot over 70 feet. but cos of the amount of ellastic bands the ram broke. so since my dads a dentist he waxed it into position... lol but i broke again...
Amazing. Seriously.
I think i might make a mod of this will possibly post.( more power (more bands) and more bullets)
so this is the pumper that started it all!
you took long to answer lol my comment: Feb 22, 2008. 12:51 PM PMDr Weird ATHF117: Aug 4, 2008. 8:01
the pics are good quality, what camera did you use?
no the pics are good, unlike ppl that use the camera phones or the cams already on the computer
change the magazine to one that shoots!!!
Not my fault you can't get it to work.
I'm having trouble, too. Are they supposed to shoot horizontal? I dont get it...
Awesome but help on the mag
where does the small rubber band go
from the yellow at the front to the rear of the pump.
I tried it and it shot almost straight up!!
You should put a red piece w\ 3 openings at the yop of the hopper so the bullets dont fall out
this thing is awesome its range is really good. i put small medium rubberbands one the piston and one on the pump.
Im haveing trouble
should i post an instructable shot gun that only uses one barrel?

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