Knex Pump Action Shotgun.





Introduction: Knex Pump Action Shotgun.

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these are some pictures of my pump action shotgun that i have recently built. the pump works well, the mag/hopp is not too small (it is a shotgun)  and took me a few attempts to get it correct, the trigger is a good mech, and is trusted. the mag has blocked once. the handle isn't that comfortable so i put some tape on it.

i know this isnt an instructable.
i would like to know if i should post, i wouldnt be suprised if you can make it just from the pics, it isn't too complicated.

1. whole gun.
2. pump.
3. trigger/mag/runner.
4. mag/hopper.
5. handle/trigger.

hope you enjoy!



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    dude, you HAVVVVEEEEEE TO POST INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want u to post this!!! It's exactly what ive been looking for!

    u stole the adams dead shotgun and then tore off the stock -5*

    its got power but i need to work on the structure.