This is an exotic i decided to make....still trying to get it absolutely perfect but will do for now.. it is my mk1 soon i may show a mk2.i made it this week it took me about an hour. please remember i made this entirely out of my own idea there isnt any instructions for this its all my idea.it is a superar that looks cool and is built of the same chassis i build all my cars and even planes with.
if you have any trouble at all with this instructable then please message me here.
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Step 1: Step-1.gettting started

Picture of step-1.gettting started
Picture 139.jpg
Picture 141.jpg
Picture 143.jpg
this is where you should start. if you have already constructed most of the chassis then the rest should be easy. if not well i havent the time to take it apart and show but it shouldnt be too hard.
these are the parts you need to make for now.remember to always read the yellow note boxes as they show you more info.

Step 2: Step-2.front complete.

Picture of step-2.front complete.
Picture 132.jpg
Picture 150.jpg
Picture 134.jpg
Picture 145.jpg
this step shows you how to complete the front and hopefully it will work for you.it also shows you how o connect the bonnet and gives you an idea of how to build the main chassis.remember to read the notes aswell they will be your greatest help.

Step 3: Step-3.the engine.

Picture of step-3.the engine.
Picture 148.jpg
Picture 138.jpg
Picture 149.jpg
This is where you will be putting in a basic model of a v-10 engine found in many supercars. i chose it as it is bigger than the v-8 and is pretty much the same but with two more cylinders.it doesnt have a turbo yet or supercharger because i am working on that area still but it should be around in the mk 2 should i decide to make one.you will need to connect it via a yellow rod to the axle.read the yellow boxes for more.

Step 4: Step-4.the rear section.

Picture of step-4.the rear section.
Picture 135.jpg
Picture 146.jpg
Now you need to attach the rear of the car.here are somepictures with note boxes they should help you too finish it off.let me know if you need any help with this.

Step 5: Step-5.finishing it off.

Picture of step-5.finishing it off.
Picture 135.jpg
Picture 136.jpg
Now that you have done most of it, here are some photos to help you see the finished product.
TyphoonCar3 years ago
nice shot
looks awesome ;) 5*
jingo694 years ago
the car is great but the instructions arent very good
I don't mean to add to this steering confrontation but the steering looks startlingly similar to an official knex model system used for an SUV (from the first set i ever got when i was about 6 funnily enough)
Anyway it's a very good model indeed, it looks just like a super car which is hard considering how knex rarely has flat plates.
nicely done
arkngl (author)  theonefreeman5 years ago
yea i took it apart and built several more cars...i even intergrated all the steering and engine in the front of one car so well it shocked me how perfectly ity came out....i later took it apart lol but i working on a few cars still wether ill post them or not is another thing altogether..
supah4x0r5 years ago
this steering system is copied from me u should at least give credit.
arkngl (author)  supah4x0r5 years ago
i'm sorry but you are mistaken as i have been using this setup for 10 years.its not my fault that something i put together may be simmilar to yours.
do you want the car manufacturers of the world to have to credit one person because they have steering systems also?
arkngl (author)  arkngl5 years ago
just remember that there are more users of knex around the world than you think, so people have been doing things certain ways before you. also did you perhaps notice that i have been using this system on all my instructables as well as the countless cars i have built throughout my time using knex?
dude i know how many people have knex, knex accounts but i simply want u to stay to that particular type of steering ok?
nothing personal but i think its best so no one gets confused oh and how many pieces does ur steering use?
arkngl (author)  supah4x0r5 years ago
okay, all good then, yes i will stick to this steering as i always have, it uses 18 peices.
arkngl (author)  arkngl5 years ago
lastly you can go to my profile as there is a photo of a car with the same basic setup from a set that i got when i was four which was fourteen years ago.
Seleziona5 years ago
this is awesome! 5*
arkngl (author) 5 years ago
this is the instructions.i will probably just make a mk2 which will be fairly similar and post i. ill see what i can do. thnx guys for your support.
HPLUVR5 years ago
You just have to post instructions for this!! !
arkngl (author) 5 years ago
thnx guys i wanted to show my work so thats why its here thnx you guys are awesome.hey hiyadudez show us how it goes for you k.
DJ Radio5 years ago
Looks tight!
~KGB~5 years ago
wow! probably the best car on the site! 5
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Wow! That looks cool! Imma build it tomorrow because im going to the lakes today. 5*