Knex racing car

Picture of knex racing car
its a f1 car and it could be drag racing car
Sorunome6 months ago
Um, isn't this the one off of the instructions?
mindcraftmaster (author)  Sorunome6 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
i mean these intructions:
They seem to be the exact same.... :P
Not true, you mean +3.14159265463736372627288909865334567335678897655789...
nope, i'm serious, i know pie by hear as far as i posted that, and yours is WRONG MUHAHAHAHAHA >:D
Nooooo! :-( (With a nose, MUHAHAHAHA)
nuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(
but but but but but but but but but but but

Hahaha, why Sorunome and not Suropony?
I mean Sorupony...
lool :P

and because ponies, not everypony has pony in their name
Hahaha, oww
i thought that was clear :P
Not clear enough, but now I know everything about ponies I think.. :D But we are spamming Goldninjahalo's inbox, but maybe he like that but I don't think so.. :P
You never know everything about ponies unless you are one, thus i know everything about ponies >:D

And these are just legit replies, that's how 'ibles rock&rolls xD
I've studied about ponies.. :(

That's how we roll!
ha, what did you study about us ponies?
That somepony build good K'nex ball machines, lifts and elements.. That pony is called Sorunome..
ha, i'm not /that/ good :P
Why do you say that?
because i'm not that good!
Just look at my knex stuff!
It look all awesome!
i fail to see the awesomeness in it.
Your good at knexing but you'rent good ad seeing how good you're at knexing, lol
lol, maybe :)
Skype is better.. :P
i don't get it ???
No.. :P
i still don't get it
Wow! your a ponie!? That explains a lot XD
what, you didn't know? O.O
Up until now... O_O

Do you have ponie friends at all??
yes, i do :)
Are any on this site hint *dr richtofen*
he is only a brony, well, i am a pony :P
what about Anime-kid??

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