its a f1 car and it could be drag racing car
Thats one cool car! It looks familiar.... <br> <br>Did you use instructions to build this at all? <br> <br>
yes and thx
no problem
Um, isn't this the one off of the instructions?
no why <br>
why are you keep deleting your old posts?
Because he regrets lying. :-P
you should just stand up that you messed up, not pretend that you didn't.<br>The latter will just cause more problems, the former will solve problems.
Why'd you reply to me instead of him? :-P
i meant with that comment more 'you' as in in general a sentient being.<br><br>And i just thought it fit there :P<br><br>(are you complaining about a comment i gave you? xD )
No, I'm not complaining, I was just wondering, lol.
i know, lol
I don't know <br>
I think he should change his license if he used instructions. At the moment he has all rights reserved for this.
Looks good!

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