Picture of knex racing car
its a f1 car and it could be drag racing car
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Sorunome1 year ago
Um, isn't this the one off of the instructions?
mindcraftmaster (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
i mean these intructions:
They seem to be the exact same.... :P
Not true, you mean +3.14159265463736372627288909865334567335678897655789...
nope, i'm serious, i know pie by hear as far as i posted that, and yours is WRONG MUHAHAHAHAHA >:D
Nooooo! :-( (With a nose, MUHAHAHAHA)
nuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(
but but but but but but but but but but but

Hahaha, why Sorunome and not Suropony?
I mean Sorupony...
lool :P

and because ponies, not everypony has pony in their name
Hahaha, oww
i thought that was clear :P
Not clear enough, but now I know everything about ponies I think.. :D But we are spamming Goldninjahalo's inbox, but maybe he like that but I don't think so.. :P
You never know everything about ponies unless you are one, thus i know everything about ponies >:D

And these are just legit replies, that's how 'ibles rock&rolls xD
I've studied about ponies.. :(

That's how we roll!
ha, what did you study about us ponies?
That somepony build good K'nex ball machines, lifts and elements.. That pony is called Sorunome..
ha, i'm not /that/ good :P
Why do you say that?
because i'm not that good!
Just look at my knex stuff!
It look all awesome!
i fail to see the awesomeness in it.
Your good at knexing but you'rent good ad seeing how good you're at knexing, lol
lol, maybe :)
Skype is better.. :P
i don't get it ???
No.. :P
i still don't get it
Wow! your a ponie!? That explains a lot XD
what, you didn't know? O.O
Up until now... O_O

Do you have ponie friends at all??
yes, i do :)
Are any on this site hint *dr richtofen*
he is only a brony, well, i am a pony :P
what about Anime-kid??
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