a knex rally car with opening doors, opening trunk, opening hood, suspension, and rollcage.
I wish you all the best thanks <a href="http://www.houltoninstitute.com/aspca_v2/" rel="nofollow">Burgos</a>
It's pretty cool <br> <br><a href="http://dogbarkcollarreviews.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow" title="Bark collar reviews">http://dogbarkcollarreviews.blogspot.com/</a> <br>
Looks like a lancia Delta.
hi your instructibles name suits you well.
so u have instructions on how to make one...
kinda looks like a VW rabbit only way pimped out and off road
Do you mind if I post your car?
Feel free to post it
I will not post this because I don't have it any more, I took it apart for pieces a long time ago sorry
dude you did a really great job
Look at my rally car!!
wow very nice. maby i could make suspension for it.
knexsuspensionmaster96, it alredy has suspension just not the indapendant double wish bone suspension like your dunebuggy. the suspension on this car is 4 bending grey rods.
oh cool!
I like the way theres a knex man in there.I`ve got several and there really cool.<br />
how long did it tack u to billed it
i love ratchet and clank! until they came out with the third one, then it went downhill.
i dont know because i built it over time
THIS IS AWESOME! 5* and subscribed!
i made a new knex rally car so look out for it.
awesome thnx to you i decided to join this site.i made an instructable now and i really like it.thats an awesome car there i might attempt it but with some changes.anyway fantastic work and cant wait for more!.
Nice job I made a rally car ones it had springs from a rc car and accidental looked like a vw beetle when it was done. And i was able to drive it of my bed for at least 6 time or so. Untill it really was broken and unable to drive. Ow and driving a knex car of your bed is not recommended you will lose parts.
Try using picture 4 or 5 as the main picture, I bet you will get more views.
very cute
thank you
no prob man good job
amazing, you should post a video

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