Knex Rally Car 2 Updated


Introduction: Knex Rally Car 2 Updated

I have been adding and changing parts and now its like a different car! it has a new improved wing, a working trunk, a opening hood with a realistic 4 cylinder boxer engine, a exhaust line, a spare tire, improved suspension, a new interior with a dash board and steering wheel and seats, a new exterior body kit that is much lower to the ground but not to low, a new light pod on the front hood, is much stronger, and has a new rollcage.  if people like it I might post instructions.



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    if you want to make the car look extremely sportive you should add the bodykit i've created

    For people who are wondering I have not decided if I should post this car or not. The reasons that are holding me back from posting are I am afraid that someone will steal my design and the instructions will be very hard to make. But I have changed some more on the car like I put the spare tire in the trunk instead of underneath the car to make it more realistic and I managed to put flared fenders in the back and I improved the suspension a lot and made the engine a lot more realistic and I might soon make another slide show or maby even instructions. To let you know if you haven't already guest this car is supposed to be a Subaru wrx sti and I have considered making it a hatchback to make it more modern but decided agenced it because I have always seemed to like sedans beter and the 2011 wrx sti is a sedan or a hatchback. And one last thing my first knex rally car I will not post because I don't have it any more, I took it apart for pieces a long time ago.

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    i looked up pics of the real thing on google images and your car is incredebly close lookin to it especialy 4 knex

    you should post because it one of the best i seen and has so many good specifications that you would see on a real one. u should really post it

    please post this car its been about a year!

    I used you car as an inspiration to my rally cars.

    I do not think I will be able to make it motorized unless knex comes out with a u joint because of the suspension

    i know they arent my design but i use nem all the time they r really good u(cv) joints


    dude that is sick plz do post in structions i would love to build it

    Awesome car!

    way better than your others

    This is your best car ever dude!! I would love to see some instructions fro that car... And check out my cars!!!

    Oh I love this car! Please post

    Looks Really good! you should post!

    Awsome, please post  

    love ur cars!



    Post, I like it a lot and will build it.

    please rate and comment and tell me if you want instructions