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Introduction: Knex Rbg Rifle

this rifle is my own design except for the trigger which is from the gun Gunzo the great. This gun is semi auto. The piece count is


green- 19
white- 20
blue- 12
yellow- 4
red- 8


gray- 38
orange- 10
red- 12
green- 15
yellow- 8
white- 9

blue spacers- 18
tan connecters- 2

note to whoever builds this
one silver spacer equals 3 blue spacers

Step 1: The "Buisness End" (triger)

the trigger system

pic 1. is a side view of the gear box

pic 2. is a top view there are 4 blue spacers on the blue rods in between the 2 sides

pic 3. is the cog that holds the rubber bands. make all the parts and gather them

pic 4. is the trigger make all the parts and gather the loose one

pic 5. is the trigger in a different view

Step 2: Assembling the Triger

pic 1. slide the cogs thru rod partialy through the hole in the connecter

pic 2. slide on a blue spacer

pic 3. slide the cog on then follow it with a blue spacer then push the rod all the way through

pic 4. cap off the rod with a tan connecter

pic 5. get the trigger

pic 6. slide it so the triggers holes are lined up with the circles holes

pic 7. slide the trigers thru rod through the holes

pic 8. cap it off

hooray the trigger area is done

Step 3: The Butt of the Gun

build it and connect its self explanitory
there are 2 veiws for you dont build 2

Step 4: The Barrel

very confusing pay atention

pic 1-2. 2 veiws of the same part

pic 3. get these

pic 4-5. 2 veiws of the same part

pic 6-8. 3 veiws of the same part

pic 9-12. how to assemble the barrel

pic 13. pull the white rod out

pic 14. attatch the green peice

pic 15. attatch the rest of it

Step 5: Attatching the Barrel

follow the pictures

pic 1. get the barrel and gun

pic 2. atatch them like so there is no connection at the bottom just the top

Step 6: The Strength

pic 1 there are 15 grays on each
3 blues equal a silver spacer

pic 2 there are 5 greens on each

Step 7: Adding the Strength

pic 1. get the peice

pic 2. connect as shown yes it connects into the bottom half circle

pic 3. do the same to the other one

pic 4. make sure it is connected were zoomed in

pic 5-6. connect both as shown the red is in front of the white

Step 8: Adeding Some Detail and a Low Amount of Strength

follow the pictures

pic 1. get these

pic 2. add this

pic 3. cap it off

pic 4. do the same to the other side to

pic 5. top veiw

pic 6. add that part there

Step 9: Ruber Band Placement

pull the ruber band allong the barrel to start then follow the pictures

Step 10: Loading and Fireing

dont over load this gun with those fat ruber bands

pic 1 place the ruber band here

pic 2 pull it to the first cog

pic 3 pull the cog back one click and load another band

pic 4 what it should look like

dont put more than 5 bands

your done now go have fun and oh mods are welcome and dont hurt anyonne im not responsible please rate




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    if you read this and you enjoy sly cooper and the thevious raccoonus say you do, if i get ten yes votes before i get ten no votes i will post my sly cooper cane staff picture soon

    i like sly coooper and the thevious raccoonus

    i enjoy all sly cooper games, so thus i input nine votes of yes

    its basically the m4 that you made with a different body.

    how many rounds can you put on


    you can put 10 weak or 5 ish medium. don't use strong bands. I recommend my spectre over this gun though.

    about 6 I cant really remember.


    the only thing the same with this gun is the trigger mechanism so yes its basically a different body, but variety is wonderful in life, isn't it

    lol, Gotta love it. -Nice ible, Chris