Step 4: The Barrel

very confusing pay atention

pic 1-2. 2 veiws of the same part

pic 3. get these

pic 4-5. 2 veiws of the same part

pic 6-8. 3 veiws of the same part

pic 9-12. how to assemble the barrel

pic 13. pull the white rod out

pic 14. attatch the green peice

pic 15. attatch the rest of it
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its basically the m4 that you made with a different body.
how many rounds can you put on
you can put 10 weak or 5 ish medium. don't use strong bands. I recommend my spectre over this gun though.
about 6 I cant really remember.
the only thing the same with this gun is the trigger mechanism so yes its basically a different body, but variety is wonderful in life, isn't it
lol, Gotta love it. -Nice ible, Chris
Why hello there.
love this gun... you made it perfect! the stock was small but its good because its easier to load; the handle is crap ( i fixed it with 6 pieces) (2 yellow rods 2 green rods and 2 gray caps); but you made this trigger much much better ! 5* faved<br/>
full or semi auto?
Great gun Osi! I couldn't build the strengtheners due to lack of parts, but i added 2 more orange peices to the end of barrel (you had six around. i made it eight).I also put 2 red peices just under where the barrel startswith orange connecters at ends sticking upatached to barrel. i recommend extending the butt of the gun. but its really col! thanks!
if you can post a picture of the mods ill try to add them to the gun instructions
How many round?
i like the idea of a rifle rbg gun but i thik it could be a little bit bigger and the stock built a bit better but good job. A good start for rbg rifles.
if i made the stock larger my ruber bands would not fit on there, you are right about the strength of the gun, i was trying to make it as strong and as realistic as possible thanks
semi auto sorry forgot that
you can click reply to reply to a particular comment btw
thank you
i mean i'll post the instructable
i just edited the instructable to say it is semi auto

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