Knex Rbg Sniper




Introduction: Knex Rbg Sniper

seven rubber band rounds scope collapsable bi-pod semi auto hits roof of my two story house you guys subscribed so i am working on instructions



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    hey man this gun is awesome but I can' get the firing mech right so can you put instructions?

    yeah sure if u get this message then comment back

    ok can u post instructions?

    i posted instructions but it is only the trigger

    If you have more knex, you might want to make it less of a frame. You can squeeze more power out from a stronger structure. As for comfort, It looks very comfy.

    thanks for the comment i really appreiciate it ya and you r right i should of made it less of a frame but you know that took about all of my pieces so i couldn't make it much better but later i will get more k'nex

    That's fine, I have been in the same boat before. When you get more knex and made and make it better, update the slideshow.

    i will be sure i do that