cool knex revolver

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peice count thanks to stopanator

19White connectors
6Tan clips
2 Red rods
23Yellow connectors
2Blue spacers
4Yellow rods
12Orange connectors
4Blue rods
29Lt.Grey connectors
20White rods
27Dark.Grey connectors
40Green rods

Step 1: Body Trigger and Handle

follow pretty easy

Step 2: Revolver / Turret Bit

easy just follow if you have the peices the make 2 its better for reloading

Step 3: The Rest

on the right side of the gun should be the pin which holds the revoling bit in place while you shoot you have to pull the firing pin bach till trigger locks then pull the bit on the side out the turn the revolver bit till ur lined up then let go then let go and pull trigger

have fun
SIMPLY AMAZING!! and if u dont have enough white connectors, u could use red ones! 5*
Very nice, but you could replace the tan connectors with short blue ones to save tan pieces.This gun's power is also awesome.I give 5/5
 you can replace the grey lt. connectors w/ red 90 degree hook connectors, that saves a lot of pieces.
i dont think it saves pieces just those perticular pieses
<br>thst's what i meant to say :)
does the cylinder spin freelee please tell<br /> me
No, you rotate it to put tension on the turret rotator band, then you add the ammo and the little white &quot;primer&quot; rods lock against the tan/blue connector on the barrel, until the gun is fired, then they are sent forward and send the ammo out, this may sound technical (it did to me at first) but I assure you, when you build it, it will be much easier.
help plzz if i shoot my gun go's defect but its a nice desing ty
Very nice gun! Shoots very nice with the white rods
thanks =)
made it , modded it , can i post it&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <strong>&nbsp;<br /> plz</strong>!!!!!!!
yh but give me credit cant wait to see<br />
I like the way it looks but the instructions are a bit&nbsp;obscure
ok i hope your happy people and hope you are happy knex mad
yes thanks ive posted it on the instructable and given credit thanks again
plus its no biggy
Piece count ready 19White connectors 6Tan clips 2 Red rods 23Yellow connectors 2Blue spacers 4Yellow rods 12Orange connectors 4Blue rods 29Lt.Grey connectors 20White rods 27Dark.Grey connectors 40Green rods
i got a piece count iwill say in abought an hour of in 40 minutes im doin somthin
do you know if you could add a piece count? it would really help. thanks
pretty cool man nice gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur about to break the 3.5 barrier i wish my grenade could pass that barrier
have u rated
yea i gave u 5 stars to help the cause
is it hard 2 build?
no ts really quite easy actually
looks nothing like a revolver
Looks have nothing to do with it. The barrel is a revolving barrel.
well thats your opinion othe people like it
is it worth my time to put it together? and does it kill your hands?
yes because if you use three 34s it can kill paper and my hands are hurt free.
tell everyone to wear loves when building, it works, leather is normally better than wool
i don't wear loves. lol
sorry, gloves
i like it and it doesent hurt my hands
ahh thank you i will build it now. along with that cool lock. have you seen that?
no which one
look up knex lock. its the one with the key
great design its very creative
please could you give me an upgrade to make it look like a real revolver
ur poor finger , im so sry r u ok im not gona make this reolver if it pools of fingers omg
does the barrel revolve on its own?
However you can make it revolve, just put a rubber band on the wheel and wind it up.
no but it has a locking pin on the side but im planning on making a version 2 of my revolver
Hate to say this but that thing almost ripped one of my fingers off. Now my fingers bleedin like heck 0*
how did u do that
The ramrod came flyin off the connector while my finger was between the barrel and the cilinder. Pretty much accidental discharge. Ripped half my nail off
i made it to three because that works better.

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