Introduction: Knex Riffle Gernade Launcher Cap Gun

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this is a knex cap gun and the first i know of i will post a 8 or 4 shot when i get 5 subscribers and let me know of any spelling mistakes

Step 1: Bullet

Picture of Bullet

this is the projectile and u can also use a small green rod by itself

Step 2: Main Body

Picture of Main Body

make this using the next few pics (i was lazy so not good pics)

Step 3:

Picture of

gun safty

Step 4: Shooting

Picture of Shooting

now pull back trigger and shoot it


Bartboy (author)2010-08-27

Wow, the idea of using a cap to actually launch something never really came to me.... And this is the best use of mini k'nex I've seen! Please just try to put it into a proper format next time, the long sentences with no capitalization degrade from the actual gun. Hell, I'll subscribe. But using subscribers as bribery is rather annoying, and not very polite. 4*, because it is cool.

Taran606 (author)Bartboy2010-09-01

Tell your friends

Taran606 (author)Bartboy2010-08-29


~KGB~ (author)2010-08-27

haha kool!

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