this is my knex rifle. it is not as good as my desert eagle, but i like the looks of it
it looks pretty good, but it shoots like crap.
if someone could make it shoot further, i'd like to hear that

pic2: whole rifle
pic3: stock
pic4: handle, it's comfier than it looks 
pic5: barrel, very sturdy
pic6: fps
pic7: ads, the midle white thing is a ratchet, as it is an ratchet gun
Looks good!
Not bad.
thx, i updated it so it can shoot better. I'll post that soon
Nice =D
i just posted it, don't know if it shows up now though
=D i seen it
=-} )
ill give you a game of zombies tomorro =D upgrade the m14 and m16, and buy all 4 perks =D we should get like round 25 easily
ok, how late
at about 10pm ireland time.
d'oh i cant come then
oh lol

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