Knex.gun.builder's Knex Rifle!!!





Introduction: Knex.gun.builder's Knex Rifle!!!

A knex rifle i built. it's the best gun i've ever made, and my first instructable.

I've gotten it to shoot over 100ft easily but you guys might have different measurements because thats just how it is. Also you can make the barrel longer if you like i will try to post pics of my new knex rifle #2. Just a mod of this gun.

I am not responsible for irresponsible people!!!! If you have any ? ask me...

Hope you like it and thanks for looking!

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EDITED: I have made more add on parts to this gun I will try to post pic for you guys.
the mods that i made make it mostly a new gun but i extended it, lowered the front (kind of looks like a bayonet), added bi-pod, and a cool new sniper looking stock.

EDITED | JULY 30, 2010: i have made a way better scope and i will try to post. i just don't have the time... i like it a lot better, its not really a scope its more of a red dot sight but its cool. 
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EDITED | October 7, 2010: here is the link to my "better red dot\scope" if you haven't already found it. i do not visit this site much anymore but i will do my best to answer your questions.

EDITED | February 3, 2011: Almost 5* guys, thank you!!! please commenting and rating i would really appreciate it!  Thanks again!!!

Step 1: Building the Weapon

Just follow the pictures...

Step 2: The Handle

again just follow the pics. Do your best to follow them.

Step 3: The Trigger

This is the step that uses the cut white piece. Souldn't be to hard.

Step 4: Your Scope

Your scope. You can add any scope you want i dont really care. But if you want to make mine let me know and i'll try to put it on.

Step 5: Rubber Band, Ammo, and Loading

You dont have to have the fin but it puts a tremendous amout of power and accuracy into it. so i recommend it.



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    COOL!!!!!!!!!!... looks awesome

    yes m8 is that a runber band sniper??

    i want your scope plz

    first off there is nothing wrong with being a knex gun builder, if i make guns why not say i do... so therefore i am Knex.gun.builder... he may have the same name as me (only different) but who cares it's a name... no big deal.... as far as my pic goes i didnt mean to copy him, maybe i like black ops to... so i put it as my pic.... deal with it...

    sry if you thot i was trolling

    ok ok OK i just thot it was copying but its ok

    177 ft with 2# 64 bands and my own mech

    you should post some pics of your mech. i'd love to see it!

    Ill do it when I get home:)