Picture of knex rifle
Video 29 00m 00s.jpg
Video 30 00m 00s.jpg
Untitled 00m 00s.jpg
my new knex rifle took along time to build but here it is. should i post?
update better
update stronger more powerful
(last pic)
100ft+ (my road has a brick wall at the end but hit with much force so made a dent in it)
new no fault trigger and will not break
might accidently kill some one
lots of pieces
Imade a gun like this and it backfired into my stomach and some of my skin peeled away:)
~KGB~5 years ago
could use alot of work
finmonster (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
i know i have a final pic on the way which is alot better its loneger stronger and better looking
sounds good
finmonster (author) 5 years ago
its high enough so i will post soon
KnexFreek5 years ago
 looks goodish, could use some cleaning up.
i built a gun with that mech and got some great ranges so ya, 4 stars
finmonster (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
look now its alot better  i hope the update has arrived
oh and what do u mean by: i hope the update has arrived

finmonster (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
i have a 4th pic comiming that is my finished version. ps i made it even more powerful so if u shoot at close range the bullets break
mikstr25 years ago
good but the dent must have been very small because my huge srv3 only made a dent in this wood plastic composite thing i have. maybe the words you meant to use were "chipped the brick". 3.5 stars (its kinda ugly though)
finmonster (author)  mikstr25 years ago
i know but it is very power ful and now its more
finmonster (author) 5 years ago
gunna post soon
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
It all looks a bit flimsy, tell me if i'm right
finmonster (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
u r but i have an update on the way which has a lot stronger barrel
DJ Radio5 years ago
Don't post.  The barrel looks like its bending up BTW.