Knex Rifle Target





Introduction: Knex Rifle Target

this is a complete target desighned with a conservative amount of peices.great for any knex gun even GORKEMS KNEX SNIPER RIFLE amazing huh.hope u enjoy i took pretty good pics no blurry!Woot!

oh and check this out (7-25-08)

Step 1: Essential Peices and Parts

pic1:get the peices
pic2:make these
pic3:make this x2

Step 2: Making the Base

just snap the peices on occordingly

Step 3: Target Area

follow pics,easy!

Step 4: Finish!

well no your done!have fun shootin'



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my fcukin sniper put a hole in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

does this work for airsoft on a bigger scale d

Blurry pics you promised would not appear!  =(

That gun is the Timberwolf Flasy rifle V1 and V1.1

When I saw a knex paper target mod i misunderstood. E.g i went a little overboard and made a gun that could actually shoot throught the piece of paper

heavy cannon+normal heavy cannon ammo won against this thingy :) big boom then grenade wlalalalala

what happend to paper. you can put a hole in paper and that is stisfying. a target like this shows now dents if you hit it and does not move to improve you skills so it is pointliss

He means:

Show 'no' dents.