this is a complete target desighned with a conservative amount of peices.great for any knex gun even GORKEMS KNEX SNIPER RIFLE amazing huh.hope u enjoy i took pretty good pics no blurry!Woot!

oh and check this out (7-25-08) http://instructables.com/id/INSTRUCTABLES-MOST-POWERFUL-KNEX-RIFLE/

Step 1: Essential Peices and Parts

pic1:get the peices
pic2:make these
pic3:make this x2

Step 2: Making the Base

just snap the peices on occordingly

Step 3: Target Area

follow pics,easy!

Step 4: Finish!

well no your done!have fun shootin'
<p>my fcukin sniper put a hole in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol</p>
<a href="#">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ww#</a>
does this work for airsoft on a bigger scale d
Blurry pics you promised would not appear!&nbsp; =(
That gun is the Timberwolf Flasy rifle V1 and V1.1
When I saw a knex paper target mod i misunderstood. E.g i went a little overboard and made a gun that could actually shoot throught the piece of paper
heavy cannon+normal heavy cannon ammo won against this thingy :) big boom then grenade wlalalalala
what happend to paper. you can put a hole in paper and that is stisfying. a target like this shows now dents if you hit it and does not move to improve you skills so it is pointliss
shows now dents? lol
He means:<br/><br/>Show '<strong>no'</strong> dents.<br/>
You srsly think i didn't know that?!?!?!?!?! !
lol shooting cardboad is best for snipers, you know. And i got like 20 kgs of it here!!
i agree.
ok i relize that,but i have created and amazing new inivative desighn and it will be posted on october14 2007 ok? ok.well anyway were the pics good?
they are ok but were you holding the camra and looking at the screen insted of the viewer because if you were you should look throw the viewer because the pictures will come out less blurey because it will force you to hold it stedy
?i sorta no wat ur talkin about but not completly,explain
ok on a camera there is a screen you can look at. but to look at it you need to hold the camra away from your face. when you hold the camera away from your face your are more likely to shake the camera with out knowing. you decreace these chances by look throw the viewer because you press the camera to your face and that stops the camera from moving. same thing with a trypod. it stops the camera from moving.
tr<strong>i</strong>pod actually :P<br/>
and,it is better to zoom in on your subject than just getting upclose.
yea that is also true
you can make this longer by adding extra pieces and using longer bars. if you have enough pieces you could make it go all the way along a wall!
not as high, lol
this is a good gun, but i shot a REAL rifle at it and it only made a little scratch!! GOOD JOB "pro designer".
BB, Airsoft? Bullets would at least topple it!
suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure....Do you even know what makes a rifle a rifle?
yes the corkscrew thingy in the barrel that makes the bullet spin ey???
Yes, rifling. YOU get a cookie!!! LOL
YAY. Choco chip?
dang it.. i only like raisin.
naah choco chip is dah way to go nvm
Whoops, I definitely meant choco chip.
yum yum choco chip cookies r da best......
no double choco chip cookies wit esresso in dem
Did I say Choco Chip? I meant raisin.
lol u said gun. U mean target
Where'd you get it, and what is it?
actually, i think it would nead a little twealing on the base. IT KEEPS FALLING!!
I found a cool idea! Spray on some PAM and it makes it a bit stronger!
lol I wouldn't be surprised =)<br/>
talkin to ur self i see
this rox i sho a nerf gun at it
i made this and shot my own design gun at the center and the center section broke. if any one wants me to post this strong peice effecient gun please PM me
rifle has a rifled bore, a shotgun generally does not. Although a &quot;sabot&quot; slug is made to be fired through a rifled barrel, it's still shotgun ammo.<br/><br/>A .410 bore (gauge) is a shotgun. It's a small shotgun.<br/><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><br/>9x18=Makarov <br/>
whats k,Bex
yay! a wad of knex to shoot at! how satisfactory!
yay! a wad of k<strong>b</strong>ex to shoot at! how satisfactory!<br/><br/>fixed<br/>

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