Knex Rifle





Introduction: Knex Rifle

This is just a Basic Rifle such as the ones used by Shultz on Hogans Heroes
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Step 1: Butt of the Rifle

make sure that it looks identical to this and email for q

Step 2: Firing Pin and Etc

post comments for questions

Step 3: Barrel (easiest Part)

this is the barrel of thrifle

Step 4: Optional

getting close thi is just optional though

Step 5: Wraping It Up

now put it all to gether

Step 6: Firing the Rifle

when firing the rifle pull back the firing pin and the orange connector

Step 7: Done!

now that its finished please comment and rate



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    not to be mean or so, but please look at the date of the ible. In 2007 this was ok

    Yes, hows your project coming along?

    wheres the rest of the instructions :/

    bro i have something awesome

    you know the adams dead shotgun?

    i modded it now its a rifle 2 xD!

    but the same system !! and a hand grijp and all stuff i turned the pump up the gun and the trigger system under the gun i gonna show you soon a photo!;)

    Stocks and butts on rifles are the same thing. Do a Google search on both.

    wasted my time building looks sturdy but oncew you put enough bands on it you cant even cock it back

     looks good and is pretty powerful 4.5

    have it a triger

    the firing pin peice snaps off REALLY eaisly. :( ,it like took up all of my peices

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    he means that it is flimsy I used a half circle one and it works way better

    yay i got 300 comment............. anyway i built this 5 hours ago put about 20 bands on and it shoots like 150 foot

    2 replies