Introduction: Knex Rifle

this is just a normal rifle it has a true trigger very powerful and average accuracy really good gun

Step 1: The Barrel

1.make 13 of these i accidently put 14
2.join them like so

Step 2: The Trigger

1.make one of these
2.and one of these
3.make these 2 pieces
4.put all together like so
5.join onto the barrel

Step 3: The Handle

1.put 11 green connectors on a yellow rod
2.put another yellow rod through the hole
3.connect it to the trigger and barrel and dont forget the white rod on the end with the 2 blue rings

Step 4: The Rubber Bands Firing and Loading

1. put some small rubber bands around there
2.then put them on roughly the 4th blue rod depends on rubber bands
3.hold the rubber bands on the end with a green rod look you can use broken ones
4.this is the bullet you can sharpen it if you want but it will only work close range if you want long range use a smaller rod and/or replace the orange connector with a yellow one and a white rod like on the carbine
5. loads like so


M:P:K:N:E:X made it! (author)2011-04-17

impressive. if you replace the red rod with no rod, and change the straight connector with a green 4-way thing, it fires dangerously. results may vary upon band.

Hope_Sandals made it! (author)2008-12-20

Not rifled = not a rifle. Just call it a gun.

wats-a-username made it! (author)wats-a-username2010-07-29

obviously its not rifled we say rifle for a rifle size gun, pistol for handheld and cannon or rocket launcher for well you get the point hopefully because gun is to generic and you could rifle the gun so get over urself

usb key made it! (author)usb key2009-02-08

last time I checked revolvers are rifled, but we call them revolvers. same thing with SMG. its not a "sub machine rifle" my definition of rifle is 'long barreled, semi auto/recock, two handed fire arm with a stock" plus non of these knex guns are technically rifled but i don't see you telling them. everyone making a knex gun is just making it as something to shoot at things like targets or preppy sisters.

J4mm3r5 made it! (author)2008-12-09

Why doesnt someone who builds it post a picture

kgundude made it! (author)kgundude2009-07-08

Hey sorry its late lol but heres a piccy for a everyone (im new here so yno it ay not help) but here goes....

Photo 29.jpg
J4mm3r5 made it! (author)J4mm3r52009-07-11

Thank you finally a pic!!

kgundude made it! (author)kgundude2009-07-14

lol i modded it a bit but uno, shall i post some of the mods (they are not gr8)

J4mm3r5 made it! (author)J4mm3r52009-07-15


xenongamer made it! (author)2009-02-13

This is a pretty reliable gun... However, the only engineering issue is the join between the handle and trigger mechanism. It did well to introduce me to the "carbine" genra of knex guns, and I think of it as basic. To fix that engineering problem, I added a trigger gaurd as an integral support. I also added a stock. I also shortened the "barrel," which is more of a track.

polabearboi made it! (author)2008-06-11

well i can answer my own question by saying negative 2 ft. The bullet shot right back at me!!

polabearboi made it! (author)2008-06-09

how far will it shoot?

tbone121 made it! (author)2008-02-19

you have no pictures of the entire gun!!!! it would really help

I_am_Canadian made it! (author)I_am_Canadian2008-04-12

i know i was thinking the same thing!

jjy made it! (author)2008-03-16

this is very simple but cool and easy to make xD :D +1

The Godfather made it! (author)2008-02-07

could you make your instructions more clear and more step by step plz?

oldsmobilefreak made it! (author)oldsmobilefreak2008-02-15

its pretty simple but if you tell me the bit your stuck on ill help

oldsmobilefreak made it! (author)2008-01-24

no ones commented for ages

oldsmobilefreak made it! (author)2008-01-02

if anyone has built it i would love to see photos

arrow shot made it! (author)2008-01-02

awesome...its like that crossbow, but in gun form...nice one...whos trigger idea was that anyways?and wat is the ratchet?

oldsmobilefreak made it! (author)oldsmobilefreak2008-01-02

i made something ages ago i cant remember what gun but i have always remembered this trigger lmao

drummer ian made it! (author)2008-01-02

interesting trigger idea, this is what i used to use on my crossbow before i came up with the ratchet system, maybe you could also look into this, as it has the adv. of being able to take nearly any power of elastic as well as being very easy to pull. Good gun, a completed picture would be nice though.

oldsmobilefreak made it! (author)oldsmobilefreak2008-01-02

i uploaded the photos ages ago and my camera broke so i cant take a new one thats the best photo i got did you build it

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