A "rifle" that's moderately powerful and easy. This "rifle" can also shoot paper wasps.

Step 1: The Stock

Build 3 of these with only one with the white piece. Then put them together like this. You may extend the stock if needed.

Step 2: The Trigger.

Build one of these. You'll need this later.

Step 3: The Barrel

make three of these and remember only one with nine yellow connectors. Assemble them like this.

Step 4: Assembly

Take the trigger and put it between the yellow connectors. then snap the stock on. Make a piece with one blue rod and the tan piece that nobody knows the name of. Slide it through the snowflake and the two yellow connectors. Then put another tan piece and a gray connector.

Step 5: Firing

You will need two rubber bands. One regular sized one and one large one. pPut them n the gun like in the pictures. The large one in the front will shoot of so be careful. put the wasp between the large one and pull the trigger. have fun and be safe.
1 star omg so flisy and ugly and nvm i made my point
Looks flimsy, have to give you a 3*
The "barrel" isn't rifled, so don't call it a rifle.
did you expect a knex gun to be rifled?... didnt think so
I didn't expect a KNex gun to be <em>called</em> a rifle because people don't often rifle plastic barrels.<br/>
in layman's terms, a rifle is usually thought of as a long barreled single-shot gun with a stock.<br>
Nice, I made this in about 10 minutes. It only took so long because I was low on White Pieces.
How far does it shoot.
this a awesome and easy rifle
nice instructions, good pictures, but the gun isn't anything new.
it shoots paper wasps better
check out mine click my name and look at accurate 100ft knex gun it realy shoots 100 feet just use #64 band
um nice rug?<br/><em><strong></strong></em><br/>
challenge : build a true bolt action gun (move the bolt to move load a bullet not the firing pin).
simple enough..
check out my new fully automatic knex gun<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/fullyauto-knex-gun/">https://www.instructables.com/id/fullyauto-knex-gun/</a><br/>
how do u put it? its crap..
yeah it sucks i no it really is cRaP
Then why did you post it?

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