A lengthening for your arm

I am from belgium so my english isnt so good... sorry

for mlcad users:

Step 1: 1e Piece

1e pice

pic. 3: replaceable by yellow one`s

Step 2: 2e Piece

2e piece

pic. 2: replaceable by red one´s

Step 3: 3e Piece

3e piece

Step 4: 4e Piece

4e piece

Step 5: The Big Rod

very importand

Step 6: The Claw


Step 7: Link Everything

pic. 6-8: where to connect the rod
pic. 9: ad some rubber bands
<p>I MADE TWO!!!!!!</p>
<p>best knex instructions I have seen on this website</p>
Where do you put the rubberbands? Please reply. (I sucribed and rated 5 stars)
DUDE. DIS IS FRICIN AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Do the fingers open and close?<br>
awesome!! I like it but it's kind of hard to make it open again but I'm suprised that there is no rubber bands used! very well done 5*
Well, there are<br>You can see them in the intro but i forgot them in the last step.
oh sorry i didn't see them but after I added them so yah its nice
ee man alles goed maar can dat ding pakken of wat? <br>
tuurlijk,<br>daar dient da ding voor xD
ok tnx man <br>
replace the red rods for a diferent size and make th big rod a different size?
You can try it for sure.
can i
love belgium<br /> <br />
great design :) but it pulls my arm hairs :(
Well there's a tragedy....
lol :)
i made it its fun but one thing it somtimes bends when i pick p my remote
I know, but maybe you can strengthen it a bit
Dude i love belgium cookies!!! thier awesome, but relly expensive here because they have to be exported. Nice instructable by the way.
woooow i love it, it's amazing i wonder how it works...
yes, but it may be week at 2 meters
can we make this as long as we want?
just one solution: SHAVE ;)
I made one like this except it had 4 long claws on either corner and it went up to your shoulder instead of your elbow. I can't post because it was broken up long ago :(
brilliant! +99999999999999999 (lol)
Love it!! awesome.
ja hij werkt zeer goe
werkt ie goed?
yes they move a just a little bit
cool +
Interesting Idea.
Do the Fingers Actually Move?! This is really cool, nice job!
Awesome, looks easy to make, I might try this. (favorited)

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