Introduction: Knex Rock Crawler Car

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this is my first instructable so plz dont be harsh

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

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these are the the parts you will need oh and you need another 2 blue spacers i just noticed there not in the picture

Step 2: The Axels

Picture of The Axels

1.get these this
3.add_on this
4.add_on this

Step 3: Main Axel

Picture of Main Axel

folow the pictures

Step 4: Lets Try It

Picture of Lets Try It

me testing it


Prranavan (author)2008-10-26

thought it was gonna be big and motor powered but it is small and doesn't have a motor. It wont even move unless it is pushed or something

nerfdude (author)Prranavan2009-09-02

Um, you do look at the intro picture before you click on it to see what it's like, right?

Prranavan (author)nerfdude2009-09-06

i wasnt being negative but i was just tryin to help you improve. it is still good

nerfdude (author)Prranavan2009-09-07


thsisme (author)2009-07-24

I think its a great start, keep working on it

hack124x768 (author)2009-04-22

Pssst... You might have wanted to check the skill level of this place before posting this kind of thing. A powered one (flywheel perhaps) that climbs over things would be a bit more on par.

nick436 (author)2009-03-26

should have turned flash off it is very annoying

doggieyman (author)2008-12-22

poooooopy. oh hi i like cheese. your car is................... um ok i gess. nos

kingbif (author)2008-04-23

wow... its really bad

knex21 (author)kingbif2008-04-24

you have not even posted an instructable yet

your rite

the drunkies (author)2008-07-03

this is really sad

jedff (author)2008-04-06

i recon it good if he put a mini body shell on it wood be a proper realy good car could you put one on thx

knex21 (author)jedff2008-04-06

ill try

jedff (author)knex212008-06-07

have you done it yet

knex21 (author)jedff2008-06-15

i couldent i tane it to bits to make a machine gun

the drunkies (author)knex212008-07-03

what could u tare apart

jedff (author)2008-04-12

you should take the flash off

arrow shot (author)2008-04-09

*agrees with mrbox* although next time put some "more" into your instructables before posting them. for example i would put a body, or maybe a chair for somebody to sit in. i cant seem to get instructables right but i am a pretty darn good builder ;) although im no gun man

mrbox (author)2008-04-07

In the future you may be a car builder =) This is an interesting frame that can be easily made and modified thanks for sharing your first instructable...

(Thought bubble): Finally something i can do with my wheels =)

mrbox (author)2008-04-06

Knex21 maybe a little kid go easy.. ;D WOW you do have pretty darn good pics =) better get in the instructables business >.> heh heh

knex21 (author)mrbox2008-04-07

i am im only 10

Lftndbt (author)2008-04-07

Very nice work! Welcome to the contributing community!!! That looks like a very solid design with many possibilities for future developement. Congrats :)

flames10391 (author)2008-04-06

its extremely could have spent alot more time on this

crestind (author)flames103912008-04-06

Yeah, it is basic, but at least the pictures are good quality.

dude, seriously, This is his first instructable. I understand that you put more pieces into your first instructable, but that doesn't mean that Knex21 didn't put time into it. Great job towards your first instructable, Knex21

i understand what you mean, but i'm almost suggesting to make something slightly more complicated next time...

ah... okay, no hard feelings then.

reedz (author)flames103912008-04-06

You are ALMOST suggesting? So in other are criticizing him?

thanks like your guns

knex21 (author)flames103912008-04-06

lets see you build one then

reedz (author)flames103912008-04-06's his first instructable, at least he is trying to get started in some way.

reedz (author)2008-04-06

Knex21 work on your pictures a little bit, if the first picture you take isn't very good...take another. Patience is key

Kiteman (author)reedz2008-04-06

Agreed - I take several photos of every step of my 'ibles, from different angles, with/without flash, macro/no macro and then select the best to go in the actual project. You also need to consider the background of your photos - that red box may be your work surface, but it's not a good colour, plus the orange things tend to fade into it. Try taking your photos from slightly further away (it's easier to focus) and then using your favourite photo editor to crop the images to get rid of the excess background.

tweekin (author)2008-04-06

when you want to take a pic that close use a magnifying glass you can get them real cheap. trust me it helps alot just place the glass right against the lens of your camera you will see the difference when you look at the pic. nice Instructable too

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