Knex Rock Crawler Car

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Introduction: Knex Rock Crawler Car

this is my first instructable so plz dont be harsh

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

these are the the parts you will need oh and you need another 2 blue spacers i just noticed there not in the picture

Step 2: The Axels

1.get these this
3.add_on this
4.add_on this

Step 3: Main Axel

folow the pictures

Step 4: Lets Try It

me testing it



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    thought it was gonna be big and motor powered but it is small and doesn't have a motor. It wont even move unless it is pushed or something

    Um, you do look at the intro picture before you click on it to see what it's like, right?

    i wasnt being negative but i was just tryin to help you improve. it is still good

    I think its a great start, keep working on it

    Pssst... You might have wanted to check the skill level of this place before posting this kind of thing. A powered one (flywheel perhaps) that climbs over things would be a bit more on par.

    should have turned flash off it is very annoying

    poooooopy. oh hi i like cheese. your car is................... um ok i gess. nos

    wow... its really bad

    you have not even posted an instructable yet