Knex Rocket Launcher





Introduction: Knex Rocket Launcher

this is how to modify the "splodies" instructable into a rocket launcher kind of.

Step 1: First Build This

this is the base

Step 2: Build the Launch Pad Rod and the Projectile

NOTE the projectile is shown on the left of the first picture and it needs to have the rubber band tied on yhe end of it (shown in picture 2)

Step 3: Connecting/ Launching/firing

connect the launch pad rod to the base and make sure to connect the part with the 2 orange connectors to the base not the other way around.hook the rubber band over the orange thing and pull back then make sure the rod hooks a lil bit on the orange connector then hold like shown in the picture and let go. if it does'nt fire then grab a knex rod of any size and lightly tap it then it should fire

P.S. this is my first instructable, tell me how you like it/hate it!



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    not too bad but not as good as i expected

    nice but i know u can do better

    Hey dude I added this to the We love splodies group.

    it looks simple but cool

    its already really cool make it bigger!! then it will be ver very cool


    thats kinda cool

    At first I didn't like it but that was because I couldn't get it to fire correctly and having to hold it to load and whatnot was annoying. But hey, I stuck a little gray piece through one of the orange/brown connectors and there we go, pull and fire. :P It couldn't used some more images to see it better and maybe some instruction on how to fire it.