My friend got this roller coaster for christmas. A little while ago he gave it to us and just recently we tried to build it. When it was finished we were displeased (it didn't work very well). Partly because some of the pieces were missing. So we tried to build our own and it worked a lot better.To see the video click here

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<p>Great job you have made a great roller coaster but I don't know if I would ride it either I am kinda scared of hightes.</p>
Pretty cool! It this coaster was real I wouldn't ride it, the lift alone scares me.
I'd agree! we made the lift that way because then all the weight would be in one place so that the lift tower would be more stable. I wanted it more stable because I noticed that the steel scorpion was very unstable. If you watched the video you would have seen that the carts have a hard time at the beginning because the lift goes straight up but eventually they grip

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