here is the rsass :o
Looks rather nice, however I prefer Raz1r knex bull3t's stock. It has a better curve
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yeah, ibles screws up those things. I wanted to say this: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/%CD%A1-%CD%9C%CA%96-%CD%A1--3 <br>It's some random face typed out. <br>Anyway, I'm fine. Had a gala last friday (more like going out in fancy clothes), one week school, then christmas holiday/vacation :D
niceee :) im off on wednesday after these tests :(
I have test week in January (second school week after holiday). Normally, in previous years, I was off after 2 tests, so about 12:10. This week, however, I have days up 'til 16:20 + cycling home for an hour D=
lol, sounds tireing XD<br>
It'll be :I
sooo. How are you doing?
vey nice :) u?
That's a DAMN GOOD RSASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice nice <br>
the middle section looks shrunk.
this is sick awesomeness good job
It looks just a little sloppy. I prefer mine over this, but I actually like to see other people take a try at this gun. : )
yes but i have a better front grip =o (yours is flat)

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