Knex Rubber Band Launched Micro Roller Coaster





Introduction: Knex Rubber Band Launched Micro Roller Coaster

About: hi i am jordi from the netherlands i am 14 years old i like to build with knex :ballmachines and guns and coasters and other funy stuff from knex thanks to sorunome for 100th comment, 150 shadowman39

this is my firs micro rollercoaster. 
I used hanging rollercoaster carts 
build time : 3 hours

I hope you like it :)



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    I dont no the lauunching mechanism works not so good and i work on my new ballmachine what are you making from knex ?

    *yay* @ ball machine xD

    damn, wrong comment and there's a bug that you can't delete comments D:

    You seem to have a lot of problems with bugs.

    Okay. Can't wait to see your ball machine. I'm currently not making anything right now because I am moving, but the next thing you'll see from me is my biggest ball machine ever.

    Haha, true, I never even reported my image library bug xD
    It's just that it displays me I had 5 non-image things but i don't have any...
    oh, and it displays me 0 unpublished ibles, are in fact 5,
    it also displays me 0 collaborations, are in fact 2 xD

    I get that display problem too, and when I mouse over favorites it says GOOD. :-P


    Here it at least displays the right thing :D
    And unpublished seems to work again *yay* :D

    okey i can t wait to see your ballmachine

    I bet there are some other bugs I didn't found yet >.>
    Some time ago I also couldn't make comments.... D:
    And the rating bug was just fixed recently.
    Oh, and on firefox it suddenly won't create me cookies anymore and randomly logged me out at some pages.

    Mooi voor je eerste! hij had alleen wat meer supports kunnen gebruiken. En als je de pull-ins en de pull-outs wat groter maakt dan gaat die waarschijnlijk ook sneller en dan kun je dus en langere layout maken.

    ik zal bij de volgende beter doen maar ik ben beter met de gewone achtbanen met normale knex daar heb ik veel meer van ik heb daar 6 achtbanen van

    danku hij komt van tornado96's rollercoaster guide

    i dont make an vid no time for it sorry i need time for my ballmachine