hi guys this is my first instructable and i decided to start of small.ok so build 2 of these

Step 1: Trigger

just build what is there

Step 2: Cog Wheel

build what is there

Step 3: Add Cog Wheel and Supports

add cog wheel and supports

Step 4: Add Trigger

add trigger

Step 5: Done!!!

my vid on how to load and firedone now watch my vid on how to load and fire!!!
you shoot it by putting a rubber band from the front of the gun to the cog wheel then pull trigger
Are you sure? i dont even get to pull da trigger -_-
Im so lucky i have like... 2000 knex, or i wouldnt get past the intro O_O
This is nice and handy \_/
you guys dont deserve to make guns if you dont know how to load this gun
how do you load the gun can someone plz reply?
go to your profile then choose change image(s) and at the bottom of the page it will say upload images and it's pretty easy from there
Yes, but how far can they shoot?
how do you shoot this gun?
yes i dont no either?
how do u get the pic/icon next 2 your name on the comment??? please reply
should i post both my new guns?
NOOOOOOOOOOO. No, you shouldn't.
<h2> yes!</h2>
the first one no. but post the 2nd one
creshendo pm me about how to get it to fire the bands.it fires but they never leave the end
no intro?
the one onthe right uses a new mechanism
i like cerel!!!!!! gf hursyccvbr5 yum,gbv
how do i post the picture of the gun on a comment?
hey people this is my new gun should i post it?
i dunno
I am new and I am not trying to be stupid but how do you get a picture for your account.
umm... i dont know the exact method, but if you click my name and go to my page, a user named FrenchCrawler describes everything.
Jippie!!! -_-
Nevermind I figured out how.I just built a knex handgun in 30 minutes!I am planning to post it soon too.
sorry people, ass i told you im new
dont you mean "as"
Yes, I agree with loose wire. The intro is to show off your instructable, so people can decide if they want to make it or not. And this seems like a normal knex RBG, but without anything to stop the gun from shooting everything off at once. It releases everything to fast to be effective. Sorry.
try doing an intro first to show a picture of the finished gun
thanks its shoots all rubber bands at one like a machine gun
oops! forgot to comment on the gun! nothing new, but nice shape.
interesting, i have never seen a knex instructable that incorporates the intro as part of the make sequence...

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