Picture of knex rubberband repeater that uses gears
finally, i have made a rubberband repeater that uses GEARS! it has a massive rubber band capacity on the gear. it also has a decent range.
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Step 1: Frame

Picture of frame
this is the frame. make it correct, or FACE THE CONSEQUENCE of it exploding on you. naw, i kid.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of handle
easy, right?

Step 3: Gears\trigger

Picture of gears\trigger
the main part

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of assembly
wow, that was fast

Step 5: Supports

Picture of supports
helps support the rubberbands. kinda bad pics sorry

Step 6: Ah, the trigger

Picture of ah, the trigger
the trigger goes on the 45 degree angle on the snowflake. make sure that the green rod in the back of the trigger is one space apart and the one in front is 2 spaces apart. attach the rubber bands on the trigger anywhere you please, i dont care.

Step 7: Loading and firing

Picture of loading and firing
load the rubberbands on the 2 yellow connectors and put it anywhere on the gear. press the trigger and it should click and move up one space. keep pressing the trigger until it fires.
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ElizabethMcCoy made it!4 days ago

thanks for the instructions my kiddo and I are having fun!

www13911 months ago

Very good idea it functions without error. But you may want to build a better handle and if you make the barrel longer it will shoot farther. VERY GOOD!

stealthy 2
skyfaller4 years ago
Epic mods for this: Here! Its a slide show, but you can probably do it.
idream4 years ago
Dude,I turned it into an m16.
Dutchj7 years ago
This beats my gear RBG. I couldn't think of any way to advance a red gear 1 tooth at a time, but you did it. I do suggest making the barrel longer though. Mine is about 2 times longer, which gets you a lot more range.
Dutchj Dutchj7 years ago
I built it, and it's a shame it's so unreliable. The tension of the rubberbands will never be the same on all of them, some some will fly of on different angles then others, which makes it shoot either 0, 1, or 2 rubberbands per trigger pull. I could have to do with my improvised red gear, but I don't think so.
idream Dutchj4 years ago
mine to, some even shoot backwards.but mine also has an improvised red gear ,so maybe that is the prob.
Can Anyone make a version that doesn't use these gears? I dont have these types
you can use the ones with prongs on them,if your shear the prongs off then it works just like ones with out prongs.
idream4 years ago
good range
Spycrab4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Spycrab Spycrab4 years ago
I only have one big gear, but I tried made a version that used two little gears. Didn't work, the rubberbands all flew off at one time. :\
holy crap!!! i tried to mod the gun by making it longer... and i got a bit carried away i swapped the 4 white rods on the barrel for grey rods and when i loaded it up with rubber bands, the hole thing just blew up!!! i have welts and dents in my wall to prove it!! other then that i think its a great gun, i like how its semi auto
yeah, gotta use a series of connectors for the barrel, i learned that too. though i didn't get dents in my walls x)
yah and im holding you responsible for the dents and the medical charges!!! just kidding. that would be mean. love the gun tho!
-KungPow-4 years ago
super awesome ninja gun, one thing tho, how do you make and put on the trigger?
nice job for innovation:)
4.Personly i love it!!! Good Work XD
Kinetic5 years ago
Really smart idea.
Riann135 years ago
ok so I made this gun, but since I'm lacking a few key parts (like the proper type of gears), I'm modifying a yellow gear to get it to work well (the rubber bands get caught on the prongs of the yellow gears I'm using, so I'm shearing off all of the prongs on the gear contacted by the bands). Otherwise, it works pretty well .
Man, this truly is INGENIOUS.
nice i will buld once i get the gears
same here! I have all the pieces but one gear! :-p
here too, i have all the pieces except the gears, but i go to counseling and they have knex there so that is where i will put the gears on.
Hmmm finally a wheel with more capacity.. maybe I'll put this on my semi-auto connector shooting RB.. Oh. I forgot that I took that apart.
Holy smokes! This is brilliant!
nice !!
gabhoot6 years ago
Holy smokes! This is brilliant! i agree with I_am_Canadian
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
it is new, is it not? very creative!
boyrock3756 years ago
i took off one gear and it worked better. it help in that manner because with 2 gears most of the rubberbands momentuim is focused on turning both gears instead of shooting further. with 1 gear more of the momentium is focsed on shooting the rubber band than turning the gear I will have a pic soon
I agree
Trauts6 years ago
1 more gear!
paperninja (author) 6 years ago
yes ive seen that motor many times and have tried to make it countless times so no luck here sorry :[
DJ Radio6 years ago
dude, you could just post more than one pic on a step
mrbox6 years ago
Build this with gears =)

I just want an instructable on it... I cant build it.. even though I have like eight engine models...

I want the one in this video to be posted =) see if you can make it and post it ;D
Really nice mechanism. Im going to tinker around with it, see if I can use the ecapement to make a clock. Do you mind if I post an instructable of a clock? If i do I'll give you credit and post a link. Thanks, Photoshopman
check out my new fully automatic knex gun
Check out my mod of this gun! It shoots Way further and faster.
5/10 the white ones are too short to get decent range. for the second set of the white ones replace them with grays. pics coming soon.
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