Picture of knex rubberband repeater that uses gears
finally, i have made a rubberband repeater that uses GEARS! it has a massive rubber band capacity on the gear. it also has a decent range.
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Step 1: Frame

Picture of frame
this is the frame. make it correct, or FACE THE CONSEQUENCE of it exploding on you. naw, i kid.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of handle
easy, right?

Step 3: Gears\trigger

Picture of gears\trigger
the main part

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of assembly
wow, that was fast

Step 5: Supports

Picture of supports
helps support the rubberbands. kinda bad pics sorry

Step 6: Ah, the trigger

Picture of ah, the trigger
the trigger goes on the 45 degree angle on the snowflake. make sure that the green rod in the back of the trigger is one space apart and the one in front is 2 spaces apart. attach the rubber bands on the trigger anywhere you please, i dont care.

Step 7: Loading and firing

Picture of loading and firing
load the rubberbands on the 2 yellow connectors and put it anywhere on the gear. press the trigger and it should click and move up one space. keep pressing the trigger until it fires.
stealthy 2
idream4 years ago
good range
4.Personly i love it!!! Good Work XD
Riann136 years ago
ok so I made this gun, but since I'm lacking a few key parts (like the proper type of gears), I'm modifying a yellow gear to get it to work well (the rubber bands get caught on the prongs of the yellow gears I'm using, so I'm shearing off all of the prongs on the gear contacted by the bands). Otherwise, it works pretty well .