Knex Safe Gameboy Holder




Introduction: Knex Safe Gameboy Holder

hello! i made a gameboy advance sp holder out of knex, with a safety system which i haven't seen yet. if it already exists on this site, please tell me. though it is for the GBA, it can easily be transformed to hold a nintendo ds,
a mobile phone, etc. the safety system stops the 'shockwave' that
is generated if the holder falls on the ground, protecting the electronic device from any harm.
you will need:
8 red rods 16 purple connectors
4 yellow rods 8 red connectors
22 blue rods 2 white connectors (snowflakes)
24 white rods 8 yellow connectors
2 little black connectors
8 small rubber bands
and 11 grey connectors (you can use others, they just need to be small)

i don't care what you say, though this is my first instructable.
have fun building!

Step 1: The Central Holder

the Central holder:
1: the finished C. holder
2: make this first, it's the top
3: the bottom of it
4 add the rubber bands
5: put the two together
6: make these ( the connector on the top can be everything thats small)
7:add them like this
8 and 9:turn upside-down, should look like picture 8, then place small connectors on the top (9). turn it again upside-up

Step 2: The Outern Frame

the outern frame is very easy, so...
just make this:

Step 3: Putting It Together

now attach one of the two rubber bands on each side of the C. holder to the top of the frame, like on picture one.
then you attach the other bands on the bottom of the frame, like in picture two.
then it's finished!

Step 4: A Mod

i discovered this after i made all the pics and almost finished this instructable. the rubber bands on the sides of the hole where you put the gameboy will break after some time, because the gameboy slides past them. i discovered a solution, here it is:
1: you don't put the rubber bands on the sides of the hole where they should be, you put it this way instead.
2: you attach it this way to the frame.
sorry for the late warning, and thanks for watching, or even more thanks if you build it. bye!



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    You should see my version

    DSC03072.JPG they were awesome until i got my DS, and my DS was awesome until i got my ipod touch, nothing will beat my jailbroken ipod touch!

    no. a REAL chemistry set beats an ipod touch for sure!


    First: its "Crazy", with a 'C', like 'CirCus' or "sChoolboy".

    Second: yes, it is more fun. Nothing beats handling dangerous chemicals for fun...At least, it does for me. 

    well, different people like different stuff. And i know how to spell crazy! KRAZY means extra crazy.

    Wow, that's an unexpected reply! I've never seen anyone say something like "HOW? ARE YOU K-R-A-Z-Y?",
    and then something mature as  "different people like different stuff."

    congratulations, you got me amazed!


    I can do that, partially because there is two sides to me; weird, and a smart person! And Do You Still Have A GAMEBOY????? Those are so old!!!

    old can be fun to .....remind that