Knex Scar





Introduction: Knex Scar

ok people. i hope you like this ible, its my first full instructions ible. WARNING!!! USES SEVERAL CUT PIECES!!!
this gun also uses quite alot of pieces.

If you make this gun. ill post in the intro.
Im also requesting someone make in metallics cuz i dont have that much for the hole gun. probably enough for the fake barrel.

credits to owen-mon82397 for the handle slant

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   SEXY(unless you otherwise disagree)

   Right size


   may jam a little

   could use some work

Step 1: Stock

just follow the notes in the yellow boxes

Step 2: Handle

pretty easy

Step 3: Main Body

kind of hard, follow notes

Step 4: Finishing Up

easiest part

Step 5: Your Choice of Mag

its your choice, come to the dark side!!! we got mags


  • Very easy for my-elias paul

    elias paul made it!


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I think that the mag is a little bit too big, i like the smaller ones, like first the red corner, then a white rod and then another red corner piece. This is just a Tip

I love this gun. I am in the process of making it as I type. My fingers are bleeding and I have been snapping away for about 16 straight hours.

Although this is really old work, the looks could be better considering the fact that this is my early years of playing. But it definitely shoots better than the remake I did which was more for looks than it was potential. Thank you for giving it a go, and I hope you enjoy it :)

Can you please make a handgun or something simple for once? 5*s

If I get the time. Sure. I just really like rifles

I made this but the bullet barely left the barrel...... WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!
I try to finish a gun in one day so that would kill my schedule so.......

Sorry, this is very old, im going to post my new Scar soon, that one is better, so im sorry but take apart this one. The new one will be better, this wasnt the best, i was a bad builder at the time, but my new ones are better.


ooooo a internal mag pusher that doesn't use bands

like it 4,5*
becouse the stock is to long (fixed it myself)